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Beat the Wheat: Gluten-Free Cranberry-Ginger Shortbread

gluten-free shortbread
AKA Get It, Shorty
When I was growing up, every year around the holidays my eccentric great-uncle would share a box of shortbread cookies with my brother and me as we sat in the living room while he smoked his pipe. Those dense cookies were so rich, so buttery and so great with hot chocolate. Now, when I pass all the lit Christmas trees in my neighbors’ windows on my evening walk with the dog, I crave shortbread. I want that buttery, rich taste, and I want it all winter long.

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31 Days of Cookies: Double Peanut Butter Cup Cookies

On the 19th day of cookies, double your pleasure with these chocolate-peanut butter cookies that are studded with two kinds of chips and chocolate-peanut butter cup candies. Actually, make that quadruple your pleasure.

Click here for the Double Peanut Butter Cup Cookies recipe.

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Dinner Rush! Dirty Lentils + Rice with a Fried Egg


Dirty rice is a Low Country classic that usually features sausage, chicken livers and the holy trinity (onion, green bell pepper and celery) simmered together with long-grain rice. In a time of year when there’s plenty of other rib-stickin’ heartiness with every meal, lighten things up just a bit by taking a classic like this and making it vegetarian.

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31 Days of Cookies: Lemon Curd and Stem Ginger White Chocolate Chip Cookies

On the 18th day of cookies, add stem ginger (young ginger that’s been preserved in a sugar syrup and canned) and lemon curd to white chocolate chip cookie dough for a spicy, citrusy take on a classically sweet cookie.

Click here for the Lemon Curd and Stem Ginger White Chocolate Chip Cookies recipe.

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College Student Creates DIY Bluetooth Sous-Vide

Sous-vide cookers are something of a holy grail among foodies. High quality home units can cost thousands of dollars and mid-grade units clock in at a few hundred. There’s just something about a piece of meat brought to temperature in a sous-vide, and then finished in a hot pan, that simply cannot be replicated. Why spend all of that cash, however, when you can make a tech forward model out of spare parts? That’s what one MIT student just did for a final project.

Matthew Arbesfeld spent around $100 on parts to create a completely functional, including an accurate thermometer, sous-vide system. Also, it must be noted, it goes even further than some restaurant level units. His sous-vide is completely wireless, being controlled via Bluetooth. To show the efficacy of his device, he cooked a steak and devoured it like the visionary he is. He’s also used it to cook burgers, eggs and potatoes. The holy trinity.

If you ever find yourself in a tiny dorm room with some raw meat and a bunch of electronic components, you know what to do.



Hump Day Snack: Sufganiyot (AKA Jelly Doughnuts)

jelly doughnuts

Hanukkah, the Festival of Lights, began last night, kicking off eight nights of celebration. But whether you celebrate the Jewish holiday or not, you can still get in the spirit with traditional foods. After you’ve had your filling of crisp potato latkes, try your hand at another fried delight: sufganiyot, an Israeli jelly doughnut covered in powdered sugar. To make the pillowy balls of dough, use yeast, sugar, lukewarm milk, egg yolks and any zest of your choice (try orange or lemon) in small batches. Fry them to a golden brown, then fill the cooled rounds with raspberry or strawberry jam and prepare for a holiday celebration. 

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Healthy Holiday Foods

ChestnutsBetween all the cookies and cocktails, it can seem like holiday food is out to get you (or at least your waistline). But let’s take a moment to celebrate all of the festive ingredients and dishes that are actually good for you.

Break out the nutcracker and get cracking on some fresh, whole almonds, walnuts, filberts and other nuts. They’re a great source of protein, healthy fats, fiber and some vitamins and minerals. Plus, if you take time to shell them you’ll be less likely to overdo it on these calorie-rich snacks.

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31 Days of Cookies: Whoopie Pies

Chuck Hughes’ take on these pillowy cookie sandwiches will have holiday revelers screaming “whoopee!” on the 17th day of cookies. The tender chocolate cakes are filled with a honey-tinged marshmallow mixture, imbuing the sticky-fingered favorite with even sweeter flavor.

Click here for the Whoopie Pies recipe.

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Domino’s Taiwan Stuffs Their Crusts With Peanut Sauce

From being stuffed with cheese or topped with all manner of flavoring, the world of pizza crusts has been in constant flux. Will there ever be an end to the madness, a plain Jane crust lover might cry. Probably not. On that note, here are some pizza crusts stuffed with peanut sauce.

Domino’s Taiwan has just introduced a specialty crust, available for all pizzas, that features a mixture of both cheese and peanut sauce. This salty-and-more-salty combo may just be the ticket for someone who couldn’t decide between a pizza and a bowl of dandan noodles.

So if you find yourself wandering around Taiwan in search of the calming glow of a multinational corporation, give this bizarre concoction a shot.

Sifted: Naughty Coal Cookies, Gingersnap Biscotti + More

Naughty Coal Cookies

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  • Splay Stuffed Endives with Cranberry and Roquefort in a circle to create a festive, vibrant and edible wreath as your holiday party appetizer using red and green Belgian endive spears. The Clever Carrot‘s recipe is a crunchy and refreshing reprieve from all the richness of the rest of your holiday spreads.
  • We hear a lot about the superhero powers of our slow cookers, panini presses and other kitchen gadgets, but i am a food blog has uncovered a hidden talent of our rice cookers, as well. Instead of making another fluffy mound of white rice, use it to create an Epic Rice Cooker Pancake best served with berries and cream.
  • Just because you aren’t throwing a banging holiday party this winter, doesn’t mean you can’t sip one of the season’s greats. Rather than whipping up a vat of boozy nog, Dessert for Two created Small-Batch Eggnog that makes it easy for you to sip the spiced classic on any frosty night of the week.

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