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Tasting: Everyday Exotic

Everyday Exotic's Roger Mooking -- On the road

Everyday Exotic's Roger Mooking -- On the road

Ever walk by an exotic ingredient and stare at it wistfully…longingly — and yet from a safe distance since you have NOT CLUE #1 what to do with it?

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Blend: Your Secret Weapons + Ours


Food People have secrets they can’t help but share. We’ll show (and tell) you ours, if you show us yours…

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Cooking Channel – 5 Things To Know

You’ve been asking,  so here’s what we’ve got so far…

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Pix Potluck: Strawberry Pancakes

Strawberry Pancakes by Wendy Gonzalez

Strawberry Pancakes by FB'er, Wendy Gonzalez

Brunch fan, Wendy Gonzalez, kicked off our Pix Potluck by setting a decadent precedent…

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Sifted: Wine Majors, iSpooning, Tres Leches Cake

iSpoon iPhone Stand

iSpoon iPhone Stand

Linkage we’re liking…

Tasting: FoodCrafters

Aida in Strawberry Hull

Aida in Strawberry Hull

Ask Aida Mollenkamp has been crisscrossing the US as ‘taste hunter’ — tracking down some of the best food finds around the country for a brand-new Cooking Channel show.

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Welcome to Cooking Channel

Cooking Channel GM, Michael Smith

Cooking Channel GM, Michael Smith

Hi, this is Michael Smith, General Manager of Cooking Channel. We’re so excited to have you along for the upcoming launch of an exciting new TV network. Together we’re going to find more ways to explore food and cooking, including the unconventional, how-to, global cuisines, wines and spirits, international travel, history and hidden gems, and even some classic favorites.

We’re really busy right now creating the best shows that celebrate really interesting and unique people who are truly passionate about food. Be sure to join us on-air starting May 31st where we’ll explore cooking in every dimension: farm to table, technique to taste, and classic to trendsetting, local to global.

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Cooking Channel — 5 Things To Know