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Aida in Strawberry Hull

Aida in Strawberry Hull

Ask Aida Mollenkamp has been crisscrossing the US as ‘taste hunter’ — tracking down some of the best food finds around the country for a brand-new Cooking Channel show.

In FoodCrafters, Aida unearths hidden, handmade food discoveries that are going to inspire you to skip work, fuel the RV and food roadtrip (or at least, track some of these artisanal foods down online).

Track all the places Aida visits in the FoodCrafters Resource Guide.

Quick Bites about Aida:

  • FoodCrafters seeks out the most intriguing tastes in the country.
  • The show is always on the hunt for intriguing and unforgettably crafted foods.
  • If you have a great find for us, share in the Comments below.
  • Aida Mollenkamp -- steamier scene on set

    Aida Mollenkamp -- steamier scene on set

    Aida Mollenkamp

  • Taste Hunter Host Extraordinaire for FoodCrafters.
  • You may know her from Chow.com or Ask Aida.
  • In her own words: Food Lover + Food Writer + Food Host = Food Obsessed
  • Ok, we snagged that last bullet from her Twitter page, but she’s also been an excellent 140-Character Correspondent for us as well — Follow us here.

Watch FoodCrafters on Cooking Channel, beginning May 31st.
Best FoodCrafters in your hometown?

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