David Rocco — 5 Things To Know

David Rocco --  David Rocco's La Dolce Vita

David Rocco -- Host of David Rocco's Dolce Vita

Love great, fresh, flavor-packed Italian food more than most of your acquaintances? Meet David…

  1. I’m not a chef.  I’m Italian.” Though not classically-trained, David learned about the beauty and simplicity of food and cooking from his life in Italy and the people he encountered.
  2. David Rocco -- Getting a jump on a good bottle of wine

    David Rocco -- Getting a jump on a good bottle of wine

  3. Beware, Italia!I often say to people who go to Italy for the first time, be careful.  It could change your life forever — become your addiction, your love, and the place you’ll want to return to whenever possible.”
  4. David Rocco -- at home in the kitchen

    David Rocco -- At home in the kitchen

  5. David Rocco’s Dolce Vita -  The show“Most people think it’s the ‘Sweet Life’ meaning fancy expensive dinners and all the fuss. That’s not what I mean.  It’s not about perfection. It’s about no stress.  I like to start cooking when friends arrive; guests nibble on olives and cheese, dip bread in olive oil, we talk, laugh and cook together.  In Dolce Vita – the table is seen as the theme. It’s about being in the moment; breaking down stereotypes on perfection. It’s about opening your house to good friends, having wine, olives, maybe a freshly-made Insalata Caprese salad, assembling a dish, making memories. That’s what ‘La Dolce Vita’ means to me.”
  6. David Rocco -- pasta time

    You've got to break a few eggs...

  7. The Food –  Classic Italian, focusing on fresh, seasonal ingredients and techniques that any home chef can master, along with a taste of the Italian lifestyle.  The show is shot on location in Florence and the surrounding Tuscan countryside, with episodes in Sicily and the Amalfi coast.
  8. David Rocco -- On the run

    David Rocco -- On the run

  9. The Music –David picks the music on the show, which combines his own eclectic tastes for specially-written themes played under the cooking segments to original songs written by musicians who love the spirit of the show and wanted to contribute.

What Italian dish do you turn to when friends and family gather?  Share it below…

Can’t wait until May 31st to watch David Rocco’s Dolce Vita on Cooking Channel? Visit his site here.

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