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Laura Calder — 16 Tasty Morsels

Laura Calder -- French Food At Home

Laura Calder -- French Food At Home

From six-year-old local bake-off winner to James Beard award winner, Laura Calder has some enviable culinary experiences under her apron…

Laura Calder — 16 Tasty Morsels

  1. Hosts French Food At Home — simple French home cooking which anyone can make
  2. Won first cooking award at age six for Chocolate Cake with Peanut Butter Icing
  3. Pulled off her first multi-course family dinner at age nine – each dish contained cheese
  4. Was obsessed with German baking – including breads and pretzels
  5. Snacks on iron-rich dulse…seaweed from off the coast of Canada
  6. Dulse - Atlantic sun-dried seaweed

    Dulse - Atlantic sun-dried seaweed

  7. Attended cooking school in Vancouver
  8. Loves personal recipe collections and handwritten cookbooks
  9. Worked for a wine expert in Napa, California
  10. Collaborated with Anne Villan – founder of Ecole de Cuisine La Varenne in Burgundy, France
  11. Craves Panda Licorice
  12. Panda Licorice

    Panda Licorice

  13. Wrote her first cookbook, French Food At Home, while in Paris
  14. Has a deep appreciation for fresh coffee with a frothy head from an Italian paraspruzzo
  15. Italian Paraspruzzo Coffee Maker

    Italian Paraspruzzo Coffee Maker

  16. Wrote for Gourmet, Salon, The Wine Journal and The Times of London
  17. Apprenticed in starred restaurants and worked as a private chef
  18. Has been known to use porcelain “pie birds”
  19. Porcelain Pie Bird

    Porcelain Pie Bird

  20. Won 2010 James Beard Award for her show,  French Food At Home

Catch French Food At Home on Cooking Channel, beginning May 31st.

Your favorite French dish or specialty?


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  4. Cindy posted 02/15/2012

    If you don't care how French are her recipes are, and you don't care how talented she is, and you don't care if she spent 10 years of her life in France — and the only thing you DO care about is that she is not FRENCH?? Sounds to me like you enjoy complaining over something that is NOT an issue.

    Laura Calder's training, her excellent recipes, her talent and her style, ARE what makes her appropriate, and in my opinion, puts on an excellent cooking show. Sounds to me that you just like complaining. Period!

  5. Cindy posted 02/15/2012

    Wow, Coming from a guy who calls himself "Male Enhancement", is laughable. You and Emily are entitled to your opinion, but certainly don't expect people not to respond to what Karen described as a "basis for bigotry"….. And who cares if you think she is no better than Barefoot Contessa, that is NOT the point — We are not talking about Laura Calder's show.

    "Mr. Male Enhancement" and Emily have a problem with Laura not being French in order to host a French cooking show ?? Your points are irrelevant!

  6. Cindy posted 02/15/2012

    @ guest – I agree with you that Rachel is not a chef, nor IMO is Giada, who uses the same indredients over and over and over. Neither of their shows actually teach anything — just walk you through quite simple recipes – and I don't think either of them proclaim to be a "Chef" . But, there is definitely a need and room for these types of shows for beginner cooks. But, I totally agree with you that their shows are on constantly — nothing you can't get out of a Betty Crocker or a beginner Italian (and not neccessarily authentic) cookbook.

    FoodNetwork and CookingChannel — PLEASE, more advanced cooking shows like Laura's & Julia's.

  7. wog1 posted 05/06/2012

    Not all foods are an elaborate concoction. This is French Food at Home. Have you ever heard of French Bistro foods. I am not French and do not pretend to be but love her insight and her simple recipes.

  8. Michael j posted 08/22/2012

    I agree no one can replace Julia.
    Julia was educational, humorous and trying to help Americans eat better, cook better,and live better.
    Laura continues in this thinking by showing simple recipes, simple ingridients, and simple cooking methods.
    Julia made mistakes "on purpose" . She dropped things, forgot steps, and even set things aflame.
    What the two have in common is to teach us how to make what is everyday into something more.
    Forget Julia's dropped pans, and Laura's hands. How does it taste?

  9. Michael j posted 08/22/2012

    I love the music and I've been watching for years . Perhaps that I'm of Frech ancestory has something to do with it?

  10. kengo nishiyama posted 07/10/2013

    My FaV , Chef, on Cooking Channel, never miss one of her
    cooking session's. a great Chef, and amazing 2 watch as well !!!!!!

  11. BarbePapa posted 02/05/2014

    get ready with pen and paper as the credits roll at the end of show…it goes by quickly! I like it too! But haven't taken the time to do this. Would work best to tape that part and be able to rewind and try to hit "pause" at the right place to REALLY READ AND WRITE what is scrolling by so quickly!
    If YOU manage to do it, please share! :)

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