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Graham Kerr -- The Galloping Gourmet

The Galloping Gourmet series that made Graham Kerr famous was before my time, but I’ve caught a few clips of his hilarity on YouTube.  He literally galloped over a chair to make his entrance and drank copious amounts of wine as he cooked, never holding back on the clarified butter.

Years after the show ended in 1971, Kerr did a bit of a culinary 180, scrapping the fat and calorie-laden recipes for which he was known in favor of heart-healthy fare.

Graham Kerr -- The Galloping Gourmet

Graham Kerr -- The Galloping Gourmet

On Cooking Channel, we’re bringing back the original Galloping Gourmet—so bring on the cream and butter. I checked out The Galloping Gourmet Television Cookbook and found it full of intriguing old-school dishes like Potted Shrimp (shrimp mixed with butter, jarred, and sealed with clarified butter) and Fillet Steak Wellington (beef cooked in clarified butter and wrapped in puff pastry spread “thickly” with liverwurst).  Paula Deen sure would be proud.

The Galloping Gourmet Cookbook -- Volume 6

The Galloping Gourmet Cookbook -- Volume 6

But most entertaining are Kerr’s snippets of commentary in the cookbook’s section intros.

A few gems:

“Cocktail parties are social suicide. Their object is to discharge hospitality en masse to people who don’t rate a dinner.”

“Don’t overcook—pappy, non-bite foods are for infants and sweet-tooth addicts whose dentures are in for repair.”

“Our language has coined slang that can be put to excellent use in the kitchen—such phrases as “she’s a vegetable” or “suburban cabbage.” Both these terms use vegetables to describe an unutterably drab, dull, pointless existence. In most Western cuisines, the slang usage is right on the money.”

“If you, my reader, are female—then regard a dessert as you would best like to be regarded. Attractive, delicate, not over decorated, no false garnish, not pushy, a little bittersweet, subtle, slightly evasive, and, even though you may hide this from yourself, frankly luscious!”

Do you have favorite Kerr moments from The Galloping Gourmet? I can’t wait to watch full episodes of this guy in action.

Catch The Galloping Gourmet, weekdays at 2:30PM ET — only on Cooking Channel.

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