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Cooking Channel Launch Day Lineup

Chuck Hughes, Rachel Allen, Roger Mooking and Anjum Anand

Chuck Hughes, Rachel Allen, Roger Mooking and Anjum Anand -- A Taste of the Memorial Day Marathon

Cooking Channel Launch Day Marathon

Plenty more to come, but enjoy a day-long holiday event of hot chefs and shows…


Enjoy a Memorial Day staycation with a fresh cup of joe, a brand-new channel and an exotic tour of world cuisines as we jet from Montreal to the Islands with extended stops in India and France.   BYOB: Bring your own baguettes.

Chuck’s Day Off — with Chuck Hughes
[7a - 8a, 3p - 4p ET | Full schedule ]

Everyday Exotic — with Roger Mooking
[8a - 9a, 4p - 5p ET | Full schedule ]

Indian Food Made Easywith Anjum Anand
[9a - 10a ET | Full schedule ]

Chinese Food Made Easywith Ching-He Huang
[10a - 11a ET | Full schedule ]

French Food At Homewith Laura Calder
[11a - 12p ET | Full schedule ]


Need a break from the sun?  The globetrotting continues with baking brilliance in Ireland, comfort foods Down Under, a taste of the Tuscan countryside and plenty more before dinner.

Rachel Allen:  Bake!
[12p - 1p ET | Full schedule ]

Bill’s Food — with Bill Granger
[1p - 1:30p ET | Full schedule ]

Bill’s Holiday — with Bill Granger
[1:30p - 2p ET | Full schedule ]

David Rocco’s Dolce Vita
[2p - 3p ET | Full schedule ]

** Chuck’s Day Off**
Chuck’s back if you weren’t kicking around at 7a for some reason.
[3p - 4p ET | Full schedule ]

** Everyday Exotic**
More soul and sounds from Roger — check the top of the page.
[4p - 5p ET | Full schedule ]

Food Jammers
[5p - 6p ET | Full schedule ]

Drink Up — hosted by Darryl Robinson
[6p - 7p ET | Full schedule ]


Turn off the grill, assemble dessert and check out the evening show lineup.  Watch world-class chefs, the backstory on iconic foods, artisanal tastes across the US, extreme restaurants and unforgettable cocktails — with a ton of new recipes to keep you busy…

At The Table With…
[7p - 8p ET | Full schedule ]

Food(ography) — hosted by Mo Rocca
[8p - 9p ET | Full schedule ]

FoodCrafters — hosted by Aida Mollenkamp
[9p - 10p ET | Full schedule ]

Unique Eats
[10p - 11p ET | Full schedule ]

** Drink Up**
If you missed happy hour at 6p, Darryl’s back for a nightcap.
[11p - 12a ET | Full schedule ]

Check out the full schedule for Julia, Graham Kerr, Two Fat Ladies and more here.

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