Picking: Strawberries

In the strawberry farm at Johnson's Corner Farm

In the strawberry field at Johnson's Corner Farm

It’s strawberry season! Last weekend I discovered an early patch of local strawberries, visiting Johnson’s Corner Farm in Medford, NJ. But over the next few weeks, berry farms across the country will be opening for business, fresh fruit ripe and ready in the fields. Visit PickYourOwn.org to find a farm near you, and DO NOT let strawberry season slip by without a journey to the source. Plucking your food off a plant is pure, priceless fun with friends and family.

Strawberry Fields
And, of course, the best part is figuring out what to do with your strawberries once you get home. Find inspiration from TasteSpotting or see what Jamie Oliver suggests in his cooking-from-the-garden show Jamie at Home.

Sliced Strawberries with Mint

I ran across a “no-recipe” recipe in Jamie’s Italy that added the perfect sparkle of flavor to my fresh-picked fruit:  Mix the sliced berries with a little sugar, a squeeze of lemon juice, a bit of lemon zest and some torn mint leaves.  Perfect.

Favorite way to enjoy strawberries?  Any good tips?