Pix Potluck – Eggs-ceptional Looking Dish

Egg and Asparagus Quiche

Egg and Asparagus Quiche?

We’re loving the fan photos shared on our Facebook page and this shot caught our eye today.  Katalin has been sharing amazing shots (have you seen her strawberry rhubarb pie??) but this felt like a nice one for the beginning of summer…

At first blush, it looks like an asparagus quiche, though one commenter on Facebook tossed out that it might be some variety of egg bake.  The slightly-rounded surface also suggests a frittata, fresh from a skillet but the crust might crumble that theory.  In any event, it looks delicious and we’re hoping that Katalin might share the secrets just below that golden brown, delicate surface.

Thoughts on exactly what this variety of egg dish is? While you are thinking, share your own pictures on our Facebook page here or check out some other great egg-loving ideas:

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