Cooking Channel Fall Preview

This fall, Cooking Channel is serving up all-new shows that will get you in the kitchen, cooking up all kinds of delicious eats. Here’s a sneak peek at what’s coming!

Bitchin’ Kitchen
Hilarious, entertaining and deliciously demented, Bitchin’ Kitchen is a comedy-cooking show based on the wildly popular web series. Chef-comedienne Nadia G. (aka Nadia Giosia) looks at the funny side of everyday situations and turns them into occasions worth celebrating — with food! From ‘Recession Recipes’ and ‘Impressing the In-laws’ to ‘Break-up Brunches,’ Nadia G. rocks the kitchen with her tasty techniques and stiletto-sharp wit. Premieres Wednesday, Oct. 6 at 10:30pm.

Bitchin' Kitchen on Cooking Channel

Nadia G. means business in the kitchen.

Brunch @ Bobby’s
Sip a bloody mary with Bobby and join him in his greatest passion: cooking brunch. With a spatula in one hand and a cocktail in the other, Bobby goes from sweet to savory, cooking up brunch for any occasion. Brunch has never been more inviting. Premieres Saturday, Oct. 16 at 2pm.

Brunch @ Bobby's on Cooking Channel

Huevos Rancheros with Bobby — eggscellent.

Kelsey’s Essentials
Kelsey Nixon inspires the next generation of food lovers with her essential kitchen techniques. Kelsey gives her tips on must-have pantry items, useful gadgets and basic cooking techniques.  From roasting to baking, Kelsey delivers the basics, and encourages new home cooks to make them their own.

Kelsey Nixon starts at the beginning in her new show.

Rachael Ray’s Week in a Day
If you’ve ever wished there were an easier way to get dinner on the table every night, here comes Rachael Ray’s Week in a Day. The woman who taught America how to make a meal in 30 minutes returns with an even bigger promise: one day of cooking, up to five days of eating! With Rachael’s recipes, strategies, and tips, you can come home from a long, hard day, and still eat well. Premieres Saturday, Sep. 25 at 3pm.

My Life in Food
Get personal with individuals whose lives have been transformed through food. From those who’ve built an entire profession driving people between NYC food sights, to an entire city attempting to lose a thousand pounds, and even people with debilitating food allergies, My Life in Food examines the powerful force of food and how it shapes our lives and communities. Fridays at 9:30pm.

My Life in Food on Cooking Channel

"Famous Fat Dave" takes Al Roker on a food tour of Harlem in My Life in Food.

United Tastes of America
What foods hold an iconic status as uniquely American? — Burgers, pizza … donuts! Jeffrey Saad explores these American food staples from every angle. The history, process, science and pop-culture significance of each item are examined, along with a look at how today’s innovative chefs are reinterpreting them in unexpected ways. Premieres Tues, Nov 16 at 9:30pm.

Jeffrey Saad in United Tasted of America.

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What are you most looking forward to on Cooking Channel this fall?