Missing: A Harbor Bar Summer

Harbor Bars -- the ultimate summer cookie and ice cream treat?

Harbor Bars from Down East, Maine credit: Kim Post Phinney

Over the weekend, during an unusually hot fall Saturday, I dug into my freezer and unearthed a single, lonely Harbor Bar.  This last vestige of a long, bountiful summer served as a lonely indicator that the party was indeed over… 

Harbor Bars -- Cookingchanneltv.com

Harbor Bars in vanilla or cool mint. Credit: Kim Post Phinney

Maine — know for whoopie pies,  lobsters and Moxie — has recently enjoyed the return of another old school classic — the Harbor Bar.  Most popular Down East in Maine, this magical treat consists of two cookies sandwiching frosty vanilla or mint ice cream — all enrobed in a rich, chocolaty bath.

Though easy enough to make at home with chocolate chip cookies and ice cream dipped in melted chocolate, few things rival the chilly crack, crunch and sweet melt of a Harbor Bar on the way to the beach in the dog days of August.  Is there a better summer job than catching minty drips and taking care of your own chocolate fingerprints?

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