Saying “I Love You” to Food

Both Cooking Channel's Chuck Hughes and this lamppost showing their love for lobster

What could Cooking Channel's Chuck Hughes and this lamppost possibly have in common?

Chuck Hughes pays homage to the food gods by inking his skin. City dwellers armed with spray paint use a different canvas. From graffiti to tattoos, food people find dramatic ways to say “Food: I love you.”

“New Yorkers are food crazed,” says Arthur Bovino, a trained chef, professional food writer and photographer who has taken to the streets to find out what foods New York City is really thinking about.

He calls it a Food Graffiti Photo Project, and his work attempts to capture New York City’s obsession with eating, through photographs of walls and posts marked with graphics relating to food. From bridges spray painted with “egg yolk,” to images of buttered toast lain over red brick, Bovino shows that our fascination with food is constantly on display.

Sometimes it’s shown with a word:


Is bacon what's on the city's mind? (Photo: Arthur Bovino)

Other times with a delectable image:

Buttered Toast

Or is buttered toast what's rumbling its tummy? (Photo: Arthur Bovino)

Cooking Channel chefs also show off their love for food. But while New Yorkers have chosen the city as their canvas, Chuck Hughes and Michael Symon prefer to use their bodies.

Chuck isn’t shy to show off his love for seafood:

Chuck Hughes's shout-outs to lobsters and oysters.

While Michael’s made his ode to meat:

Michael Symon's Calf

Iron Chef Michael Symon's permanent meat-cut cheat sheet.

How do you say “I love you” to food?

Catch Chuck work his magic on seafood weeknights at 6:30pm, and Michael Cook like an Iron Chef Thursdays at 10pm.

For more food graffiti, check out Arthur Bovino’s website,