Fall Fest: Save ’Em While You Can

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It’s almost over, kids. Garden season, that is. At least in many parts of the country. The big spike in hard squashes, the return of spinach, and the appearance of apples and pears in farmer’s markets means the end is near. But don’t despair, this week of fall fest is all about the ways you can make your produce last a teeny bit longer.

Quick, save the apples!

Whip up some apple sauce. It’s not as intimidating as it sounds, and you can freeze it in freezer bags, too.

Make and freeze apple bread. You’ll thank yourself when you defrost a loaf one chilly winter morning.

Fresh-from-the-oven apple bread from Pete Bakes! -- can't you almost smell it? Photo: Peter Andrew Ryan

Save the squash!

Roast or steam, puree, freeze. This goes for most varieties of squash and pumpkins. When you’re ready, take out the frozen pulp and use in soups and baked goods.

Try your hand at pumpkin butter. Don’t be intimidated, Deb at Smitten Kitchen has an easy-to-follow how-to.

Step 1 of 2 from Smitten Kitchen's simple pumpkin butter recipe. Photo: Smitten Kitchen

Save the cabbage!

You could get all exotic, and make some kim chi. Curious? It’s a classic Korean dish of fermented cabbage and hot pepper. Check out Kim’s Kimchi on Food(ography) for some know-how and a fiercely hot recipe.

Or go the more traditional route and make sauerkraut to enjoy now on a reuben (like Emeril’s Open-Faced Reuben), or save for the colder months to use in Mario Batali’s Sauerkraut and Bean Soup.

Jewel-toned 'kraut, all canned and ready to be put up. Photo: openjourney.com

Save the onions!

How does onion marmalade sound? Amazing, right?

You could pickle them, too, super-simple and refrigerator-style.

The Garden of Eating's Tarragon-Pickled Onion recipe can be easily modified to take advantage of your favorite herb and spices, or whatever you have on hand. Photo: gardenofeating.com

What are you putting up during these last few weeks of the harvest season?

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