Barneys New York Wishes You a Happy Foodie Holiday

The holidays are a time for rejoicing, but they also happen to be a time for feasting. Cooking Channel and Food Network teamed up with Barneys New York to celebrate all the glorious gluttony of the season in their “Have a Foodie Holiday” window display for 2010.

Barneys creative director Simon Doonan and team created delicious displays overflowing with inspiration from foodie culture. Check out which star chefs joined in the fun after the jump.

The windows include caricatures of many Food Network favorites: Mario Batali and Bobby Flay in the “Bad Boys” window; and Rachael Ray, Paula Deen, and Sandra Lee were rendered larger than life in the “Gals” window.  A colorful window called “Revolutionary Stew” displayed Julia Child and Jamie Oliver.

Effigies of Bobby and Wolfgang were made into realistic life-size figures, ready and waiting to be added to the display.

Bobby Flay gets saucy, while Daniel Boulud sinks his teeth into a whole baguette.

Martha Stewart gets in on the holiday fun.

Dinner is served, and it's Mario Batali's head on a bed of his signature footwear, orange Crocs.

Anthony rocks a sly wink.

Didn’t see your favorite chef? Try the Barneys Foodie Holiday Gallery for more photos.