Holiday Mains: Beasts for the Feast

Roast Goose and Stuffing

The Two Fat Ladies make a classic Christmas main, Roast Goose and Stuffing.

Being on main dish duty for Christmas is great because there isn’t an obligatory Thanksgiving turkey or Easter ham to prepare. From culture to culture and family to family, there’s a plethora of unique holiday food traditions, from standing rib roast to feast of seven fishes (or even, in some cases, Chinese take-out). And, in my family, it’s the one time of year when we’re free to pull out all the stops and whip up the most over-the-top, elaborate main dish in our arsenal. Whether you’re starting a new tradition or looking for a new take on an old favorite, check out some of our most elegant holiday mains.

Roast Goose and Stuffing (pictured above)
Yes it’s a classic Christmas main, but who has ever roasted a goose? If you’ve ever considered trying it, watch The Two Fat Ladies roast this fatty bird in their Christmas special, this Saturday at 10PM ET. You’ll be inspired!

Prime Rib Roast
Another classic, rib roasts of all kinds are festive, delicious and feed a crowd. Nothing says “special occasion” like a huge roast cooked to perfection. Get Aida’s whole menu, and see her cook up this roast Dec. 20, 9AM ET.

Rib Roast

Aida's Prosciutto Standing Rib Roast with Figs

Pork Tenderloin
For a quick and easy main dish, try making a pork tenderloin. Kelsey dresses hers up with a Rosemary Balsamic and Orange Sauce. See how she does it tomorrow at 5PM ET.

Pork Tenderloin

Kelsey's Pan-Seared Pork Tenderloin

Roger Mooking’s Veggie Lasanga
Would you rather skip the beasts and go vegetarian? Try a crowd-pleasing veggie lasagna.

Vegetable Lasagna

Roger Mooking's Vegetable Lasagna

What is your go-to holiday main dish?