Unique Eats Serves Up the Best Burgers

Stanton Social in New York City serves up bite-sized burgers with big impact.

Who doesn’t love sinking their teeth into a juicy burger? The Unique Eats crew takes to the road tonight at 10 p.m. EST to find what creative twists chefs across the country are putting on the classic, from super sexy sliders to umami veggie favorites. Tune in as they serve up the nation’s best burgers, and indulge in some drool-inducing burger pics while you wait.

Southern Burger from Flip Burger

The Southern Burger from Flip Burger in Atlanta, GA.

Whiskey King Burger

Pair your burger with the perfect bourbon drink at Philadephia's Village Whiskey.

Butcher's Cut Burger at Flip Burger

Treat yourself to the Butcher's Cut Burger at Flip Burger, or choose from their toppings and build your own.

Umami Burger's Earth Burger

Umami Burger in Los Angeles serves up the Earth Burger, a vegetarian favorite focusing on the fifth taste.

The Sides at Umami Burger

And don't forget the sides! Onion rings, french fries, and more at Umami Burger help make the meal.