Top Blog Posts of 2010

Help us celebrate the end of 2010 with a round-up of all your Cooking Channel favorites. This week we’re looking back at the shows, recipes, foods and photos you loved the most.

#1 Blog Post of 2010:  “Loving Two Fat Ladies”
When Cooking Channel announced it was bringing back the wry, dry and sly ladies of the kitchen, Two Fat Ladies fans went nuts. We couldn’t be happier to watch them every Saturday night, and chuckle along at their saucy antics.
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#2. “Canning: Pickles, Relish and Jam”
Cooking Channel editor Liz Gray turned two wheelbarrows of fresh produce into pickle relish, cucumber jam, and pickled squash.
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#3. “Spice Goddess — 7 Things To Know”
Fans wanted to hear all about Cooking Channel’s new goddess of spice, Bal Arneson. Do you know her childhood Hollywood crush?
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#4. “10 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Make With Zucchini”
Over the summer, we buddied up with food and gardening bloggers to bring you the best produce on the web. See why zucchini was so hot!
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#5. “Laura Calder — 16 Tasty Morsels”
Cooking Channel sweetheart Laura Calder told us about a few of her favorite things: German baking, licorice and … seaweed.
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#6. “Cooking Channel Fall Preview”
Fans couldn’t wait to hear about all the new shows lined up for fall, like Bitchin’ Kitchen, Kelsey’s Essentials and Brunch @ Bobby’s.
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#7. “Pix Potluck: Sweet Vegan Cupcakes”
Pix Potluck is our way of showing off all the talent our fans have in the kitchen. The most popular, from Happy Little Vegans.
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#8. “Laura’s French Comforts”
As summer started winding down, we craved comfort food. How about a slice of Laura’s Savoury Swiss Chard Tart?
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#9. “Cooking Channel’s Ice Cream Truck Cometh!”
We drove around in a big, berry-colored Ice Cream Truck this summer to meet our fans and hand out free ice cream. What a summer!
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#10. “Pix Potluck: Amber Ale Donuts”
Cooking Channel fans were as curious as we were to see how Chef Michelle mixed booze and baking to craft these fluffy, delicate donuts.
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Were these your favorite Cooking Channel blog posts? What do you want to hear more about from us in 2011?