Top Videos of 2010

Help us celebrate the end of 2010 with a round-up of all your Cooking Channel favorites. This week we’re looking back at the shows, recipes, foods and photos you loved the most.

#1 Online Video of 2010: Tandoori Chicken
Fans of Indian Food Made Easy host Anjum Anand followed her into the kitchen of Gaylord Restaurant, the very first Indian restaurant to open in mad-for-curry London almost fifty years ago. The tandoori chef walks Anjum through the making of the classic dish, tandoori chicken.
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#2. Nigella’s Quick Crostini
Nigella’s video follows closely behind with an easy crostini recipe that’s perfect for your last-minute New Year’s party.
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#3. Herbed Chicken and Vegetables
Italian cooking goddess Giada found the perfect flavor combination to spice up week-night chicken: fennel seeds, parsley and thyme.
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#4. Meet Chuck Hughes
Cooking Channel fans were ready to meet this rock star, his food views and food tattoos. Stand back!
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#5. Cooking with a Wok
You won’t get too far in Chinese cooking without one of these. Ching starts with Lesson #1: What to buy and how to season it.
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#6. Spinach Omelet Souffle
Ah, oui! Laura Calder’s ingenious two-whisk method makes one of the fluffiest omelets we’ve ever seen.
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#7. Bitchin’ Kitchen Promo
Who’d have guessed this new show would cause such a stir? But Nadia’s fans have spoken! Watch out for this firecracker…
Meet Nadia G.
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#8. The Secret to Scrambled Eggs
Two egg videos in one Top 10 list? In this one, Iron Chef Michael Symon shared his six secrets for egg-cellence.
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#9. Making Naan From Scratch
Anjum does double duty, and shows us how easy it actually is to make your own delicious naan bread.
Bake It Crisp
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#10. Meet Laura Calder
Laura opened up and told us she wants to be just like the vegetables she cooks with: real, earthy, honest, and a little quirky.
In Her Own Words
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Have you seen all these top videos from the year? Which was your fave?