Steelers Treats vs Packers Treats

Bakerella scores with Oreo Truffle footballs. Photo from Bakerella.

Which team will take the cake, er, Super Bowl ring this year? Like Mom always said, “It doesn’t matter if you win or lose, it’s how you plan your menu.”

For the snack portion of your big game buffet, football fans expect the usual favorites: wings, 7-layer dip, maybe a taco bar, or a steaming pot of chili. You can get creative and nod to your favorite team with some hometown favorites — for Steelers fans: pierogies, Kielbalsa, Heinz ketchup, Iron City Beer or Rolling Rock and Klondike bars, and for a Packers fan party, put out some cheese curds, smoked herring, bratwurst, some Titletown beer, and of course a wedge of Wisconsin cheddar.

But let’s be honest — when the game’s on, hard-core fans are scarfing down the party snacks, too busy rooting for (or cursing) their team to really appreciate fine artisan-ship from the kitchen. But during half-time, or maybe when the game ends, bring out the real winners — Super Bowl cookies and cupcakes. Here are a few favorites from blogger friends, and some team-neutral sweets, too.

These cookies are winners, no matter the score of the game. Photo from Brown Eyed Baker.

Brown Eyed Baker’s adorable Pittsburgh Steelers cookies.

Arrange your cupcakes in the end zone for maximum impact. Photo from Java Cupcake.

Green Bay Packers cupcakes, by JavaCupcake. Check out the site for the recipe, decoration variations and the whole cupcake display.

Customizable jersey cookies. Put your own name on one, see if anyone notices. Photo from Brown Eyed Baker.

More from Brown Eyed Baker — Steelers-themed jersey cookies here, but you could easily modify the decor for a Packers party.

But if you’re not taking sides this year (maybe you’re a Jets fan?) or are attending or throwing a party with fans of both teams invited, it’s safest to just make a plain ol’ football dessert, like Bakerella’s Football Truffles, pictured above.

Even football-haters will devour these. Photo from Mini Baker.

Mini Baker’s football cupcakes are filled with Oreo buttercream and topped with a tiny football made from a softened Tootsie Rolls.

Make these and you might not need any appetizers. Photo from Cupcake Project.

Last but certainly not least, Cupcake Project’s Ultimate Super Bowl Cupcake — Beer-Cheese Cupcakes with Bacon-Cheddar Cream Cheese Frosting.

What’s your game-plan? Have you drafted your game day menu yet?