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Fan of the Week: Comfort Foods

Congratulations to Corinne Frankie, this week’s Fan of the Week on our Facebook page. The challenge this time around was to share a photo of your favorite comfort food. Corinne shared her ultimate rainy day comfort food — homemade chicken and dumplings. We caught up with Corinne and found out a little bit more about her food preferences.

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Go From Farm to Table, Tonight on Unique Eats

Ubuntu’s Ribollita. (Photo: Joseph C. White)

Tonight on Unique Eats, we’re following the food from the farm to table, and stopping by a Napa Valley restaurant that takes it a step further by growing all of its own produce.

Specializing in vegetable cuisine, Ubuntu in Napa Valley sources all its veggies from its farm that’s just a few miles away. All the food there is grown exclusively for the restaurant.

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Your Best Oscar-Inspired Dishes

Joel and Ethan Ice Cream Coens (Photo: Joseph C. White)

We thought we had some pretty good Oscar+Food puns when we posted earlier this week. But you guys outdid us. Check out your best Oscar-inspired dishes below. Now we’re just waiting for someone to actually cook one of these dishes and upload the photo to our Facebook page.

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2011 South Beach Wine & Food Fest

Bobby Flay and Michael Symon Turning It Out In SoBe

If you have ever considered taking a break from your daily grind to go on one of the most decadent food vacations around the globe, the South Beach Wine and Food Festival has your name all over it…

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The Minimalist Joins Cooking Channel

Mark Bittman, The Minimalist

In January, after 13 years and almost 700 columns, Mark Bittman announced the exit of The Minimalist from the Dining section of the New York Times. But just because you can no longer find him in print, doesn’t mean he isn’t around. Find your favorite home cook…right here on the Cooking Channel. The Minimalist premieres Sunday, March 6th at 10:30 a.m. EST.

But before you tune in (the first episode is all about pasta), here are 5 Things to Know About The Minimalist.

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Cue the Popcorn!


Make Theater-Style Popcorn at Home - Image Courtesy Food Network Magazine

Sure, you can make fancy-schmancy Mark Zucker-burgers“True Cheese Grits” and White and Black Swan Pasta all day long, but really, what are the Oscars without popcorn? Skip the bagged stuff — making your own is tastier and simpler.

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Get a Hold on Happy Hour with Hungry Girl

YouTube Preview Image

It’s been a long day! You’re tired, hungry and all you want is a drink. But you don’t have to sit out at happy hour just because those cocktails and bar foods are loaded with calories and fat …

Hungry Girl‘s got a whole handful of guilt-free ways to get your after-work party on:

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Oscar Night Appetizers

Canape Appetizers

Laura Calder's retro canapes have just the right amount of glam for an Oscar party.

For Oscar night, celeb-obsessed, movie-watching fanatics want to gather around the TV, not the dinner table. So for party planning purposes, this occasion calls for inspired, mingle-friendly appetizers.

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Tortilla Chip Taste Test (Happy Tortilla Chip Day!)

Happy Tortilla Chip Day! Betcha' bite a chip!

It’s National Tortilla Chip Day! The best way to celebrate this special day (and really, most special days) is with a salt-rimmed margarita and some of the best chips you can get your hands on. Which chips, you ask? There are so many choices. But don’t worry, we’ve done the work for you. We tasted 11 popular tortilla chip brands to determine the best. The taste test was completely blind (testers had no idea which chip they were tasting) and tasters were instructed to judge based on flavor, texture and dip-ability. We served salsa, guacamole and black bean dip and recommended that testers try each chip plain before dipping.

Before we went shopping, we asked our Facebook fans for recommendations, they’re marked with an * below.

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Cooking with Kids

I live in a house with three girls—my wife and two daughters. And a female poodle! The whole casa is filled with dolls, shoes, lipsticks and fashion items. The only manly touches here are my biking gear and my kitchen knives (and those, too, are lipstick/nail-polish red).

When my daughters ask me to play with them, I have to dress up dolls, wear butterfly wings, and very often pretend that I am passionate about Camp Rock and the Jonas Brothers. Thank God I have been spared the whole Justin Bieber thing up until now—I hope it lasts.

When the tables are turned, and my kids want to enter my playground, they join me in the kitchen.

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