Hungry Girl’s Chocolate 911

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Valentine’s Day is coming up, and you want chocolate. Don’t ignore your cravings — give in to Hungry Girl’s delicious chocolate desserts:

  • Mississippi Mug Pie, a rich chocolate mousse cake perfect after your romantic dinner. It’s a one-pot wonder you won’t believe is only 225 calories.
  • Chocolate Marshmallow Madness Cupcakes! They’re super chocolatey and covered with gooey marshmallows and chocolate chips. Perfect for birthday parties.
  • Hungry Girl’s Fudgy Truffle Bites brings together a perfect marriage of chocolate and raspberries into a beautiful, elegant bite-size dessert.
  • And wash it all down with a very special Chocolate Coconut Martini. Hand us another.

Watch Lisa make these mouth-watering desserts, plus share more tips and tricks for eating chocolate guilt-free, Saturday at 4pm ET/ 3pm CT.

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