Snack Food, Italian-Style

Use leftover risotto to fry up arancini, an addictive Italian snack.

In Rome, there’s a McDonald’s mere steps from the Spanish Steps. It’s always busy, but I can’t imagine why anyone would choose McDonald’s over authentic Italian snack food. Fast-food French fries vs. freshly-fried arancini risotto balls? That’s a no-brainer.

“Italians are experts in some of the most creative and satisfying snack foods around,” says Mario Batali, a true expert in all things Italian (and all things delicious).

Tonight on Ciao America, Mario’s visiting food spots across the country for the best Italian snacks, stateside. In Rhode Island, Saint Louis and New York, Mario finds the panini, the frittatas, the grilled pizzas and spiedini that are ready to eat pronto!

And it’s almost as easy to whip up these snacks at home with all the recipes Mario has collected during his snacking travels.

Catch Italian Snack Food tonight on Ciao America at 9pm/8c.

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