Waffles: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

Pearl Sugar Waffle

The Waffle Window's Pearl Sugar Waffle

On tonight’s episode of Unique Eats, the crew hits up the Waffle Window in Portland, Oregon, as part of their explorations of Street Food. We were inspired by the versatility of the menu items at The Waffle Window: stop in for breakfast, lunch, a snack or dinner!

The Waffle Window's Owner Mary Fishback

The Waffle Window's Owner Mary Fishback

Mary Fishback is the owner and soul of The Waffle Window. She’s the primary creator of their waffle offerings, all of which have their signature pearl sugar waffle as the base. They won’t reveal their secret recipe, but Mary does share some info about what makes their waffles special tonight on the episode. There’s a Waffle Window waffle for whatever mood you’re in! And if you can’t make to the restaurant, try to recreate their best dishes at home!

The Waffle Window's Berry Bliss Waffle

The Waffle Window's Berry Bliss Waffle

Top your waffle with berries, and you’ve got breakfast! Add a little ice cream, and it becomes dessert.

The Waffle Window's Chocolate-Dipped Waffle

If you find yourself in need of a sugar rush in the middle of the afternoon, try a chocolate-dipped waffle.

The Waffle Window's "Farm Fusion" Waffle

On the savory side of the menu, The Waffle Window offers their “Farm Fusion” Waffle. It’s loaded with mushrooms, spinach, roasted peppers, tomatoes and marinated chevre.

The Waffle Window's "The Three B’s"

One of their most popular savory creations is “The Three B’s”. It’s got pepper bacon, Brie, fresh basil and house-made peach jam. Mary says people think the combination sounds odd until they try it. One taste and you stop questioning.

Not in Portland? Start with a base of Bobby’s Belgian waffles and build your own from there!

Tune in to the Street Foods episode of Unique Eats tonight at 10 p.m. EST.

Are you a fan of waffles at dinnertime?

Photos: Joseph C. White