Go From Farm to Table, Tonight on Unique Eats

Ubuntu’s Ribollita. (Photo: Joseph C. White)

Tonight on Unique Eats, we’re following the food from the farm to table, and stopping by a Napa Valley restaurant that takes it a step further by growing all of its own produce.

Specializing in vegetable cuisine, Ubuntu in Napa Valley sources all its veggies from its farm that’s just a few miles away. All the food there is grown exclusively for the restaurant.

Ubuntu’s Clear Cantaloupe and Sage Gazpacho. (Photo: Joseph C. White)

Executive Chef Aaron London is the man behind Ubuntu’s bright and beautiful vegetable fare.  From adjusting to seasonal produce, to managing a menu that changes daily depending on what’s been brought in from the farm, Aaron is constantly coming up with new and innovative ways to serve the freshest produce possible. Some call him the vegetable whisperer, and with good reason — not only does he orchestrate dishes that are hearty and wholesome, but he arranges them all into visually stunning bowls (and plates) of art.

Ubuntu’s Basil Bud Marinated Beets and Rosso Bianco Eggplant. (Photo: Joseph C. White)

Light, fresh and colorful, an Ubuntu chef decorates a plate with fresh basil, marinated beets and rosso bianco eggplant.

Ubuntu’s Garden Inspired Extruded Pasta. (Photo: Joseph C. White)

Made with spiced tomato broth and dehydrated tomatoes, cooked in a classic tomato fondant, and then topped with confitted cherry tomatoes, Ubuntu’s Garden Inspired Extruded Pasta pays homage to the farm’s fresh tomatoes.

Ubuntu’s Traditional Steamed Bun, Stuffed with Baratta and Coated in Smoked Pear Skin. (Photo: Joseph C. White)

Ubuntu’s signature dish is dotted with the days freshest vegetables, and centers around a soft steamed bun that’s filled with creamy baratta cheese and coated in smoked pear skin.

Figs, flowers, and fresh vanilla ice cream. (Photo: Joseph C. White)

But don’t fill up on dinner. You’ll want to save room for dessert, like this ice cream and figs dish.

Not planning a trip to Napa anytime soon? Not to worry, we’ve got a whole basket full of vegetarian recipes.

Tune into the Extreme Farm to Table episode of Unique Eats tonight at 10pm ET.

What’s your favorite vegetable to cook with?