Poll: The Ideal Cookbook Shelf

Does this "Ideal Bookshelf" look like the one in your kitchen?

This print Ideal Bookshelf 102: Cooking by Jane Mount on art site 20×200 caught our eye, and made us realize that we haven’t had a good cookbook round up in a while…

She’s curated a heavy-hitting list of winners and greats, but does Jane’s vision reflect your ideal cookbook shelf? Are you as hooked on Thomas Keller and Jamie Oliver as she? Which titles are you loving that her shelf lacks?

We’re planning future cookbook posts and choosing which we want to investigate more deeply, so we’d love your thoughts.

Let us know in the Comments below.

And if you like Jane’s print as is, check out 20×200. The gist of the site — that art doesn’t have to be expensive to be good — sounded pretty smart to us. They have a variety of cool, eclectic works for art lovers which start around $20, so you won’t necessarily break the bank.

Cooking Channel Chefs in Jane’s Print:

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