The Big Cheese: Name That Cheese!


Are you crazy about cheese?  Does the mere mention of a cheese plate make your mouth water?

Catch The Big Cheese this Sunday at 8pm ET, and take a look inside some of the country’s most famous cheese-makers and fromageries. Then see how today’s top chefs are pushing the boundaries of how to cook it up in delicious ways.

Host Jason Sobocinski knows a thing or two about cheese, having run a popular New Haven Fromagerie and Bistro himself. But milking goats and making fresh camembert croquettes at NYC’s Gramercy Tavern are a whole different kind of dairy experience for him.

Along the way, Jason also pays a visit to Point Reyes Farmstead Cheese Company where he learns that they’ve created a new cheese, and need your help naming it.

Share your idea in the Comments area below for a chance to go down in cheese history.

Get cooking with recipes from the episode:

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