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How to Write on a Cake Like a Pro

How to Write Happy Birthday on a Cake

Happy Birthday, Cooking Channel!

For many happy occasions you’ll want to write a special sentiment on a cake. The problem is not what to say, but how to make it both legible and gorgeous. Everyone has had a good chuckle over the cakes on Cake Wrecks, but we want to avoid having our efforts resemble those mishaps. With a few tricks of the trade and a bit of practice, anyone can write on a cake like a pro.

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Happy Birthday, Cooking Channel!

birthday cake

Happy birthday to us, happy birthday to us . . .

It’s our first birthday!
Cooking Channel is one year old — can you believe it? We’ve seen so much in the last 12 months, and yet we’re really just getting started. If we live to be a 100-year-old network, we still wouldn’t get to meet all the amazing, passionate food people out there. There’d still be a million new recipes to try, dishes to taste and things to learn about food and cooking. So we’re as excited about the next 99 years as we are about this last one.

Turning ‘1’ is a pretty big deal, a milestone that should be rewarded with presents, cake and a giant party — wouldn’t you agree? Here’s our ultimate birthday wishlist:

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Get a Whole Day of United Tastes

United Tastes

Host Jeffrey Saad gets a lesson in making ice-cream.

Memorial Day is finally here, and with it the unofficial start to a beautiful summer season. Celebrate with burgers, potato salad, refreshing summer cocktails and sweet ice-cream desserts. But if you want to beat the heat, head back inside for Cooking Channel’s Memorial-Day United Tastes of America Marathon.

From summer favorites like ice cream and pie, to backyard indulgences like burgers, hot dogs and fries, Jeffrey Saad travels the country for classic comfort foods, all afternoon long.

Scope out the marathon line-up:

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Channel Your Inner Child, Tonight on Unique Sweets

Swiss Roll

Lulu's Cream-Filled Swiss Rolls tonight on Unique Sweets

Cream-filled chocolate rolls, red velvet cake, ice-cold popsicles — tonight’s all new episode of Unique Sweets takes a look at your favorite childhood sweets, but now they’re all grown up.

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A Whole Season of Hook, Line & Dinner

Ben Sargent from Cooking Channel's Hook, Line and Dinner

Seafood lover, chef, restaurateur and artist Ben Sargent takes on a new gig as host of Cooking Channel's Hook, Line and Dinner, premiering June 7th.

Obsessed seafoodie Ben Sargent returns to Cooking Channel a whole season of Hook, Line & Dinner! Sargent will be setting out on the ultimate coastal road trip as he searches for the best clam shacks, lobster pounds and chowder pots serving up the freshest seafood in New England.

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Emeril Visits Dallas Originals

The Mecca in Dallas has been serving their famous gigantic cinnamon buns since 1938.

In The Originals, Chef Emeril Lagasse visits some cities that are well-known for their rich culinary history: Think New York and the chef’s beloved New Orleans. But this week, he’s making a less-expected stop in the Lone Star State to check out classic eats in Dallas. “Many folks don’t think Dallas is old enough to have historic restaurants,” Emeril says, “but then they don’t know the big D!”

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Plan Your Memorial Day Menu

Wow a crowd with over-the-top, Cheddar-stuffed Juicy Lucy Burgers, double-stacking optional.

The average person may not consider Memorial Day a huge food holiday, but as the unofficial start of summer and a long, good-weather (we hope) weekend, Memorial Day kicks off grilling season for food lovers across the country. So fire up the grill and start the summer Cooking Channel-style by mixing and matching our new, great grill-out recipes.

Start building your menu with a show-stopping burger, like this Cheddar-stuffed, double-stacked, bacon-topped Juicy Lucy Burger. The Juicy Lucy is an all-American creation, originating in 1950s Minneapolis (November 17th is Juicy Lucy Day in Minneapolis). The exact location is contested with both Matt’s Bar and 5-8 Club claiming credit for the first Juicy Lucy, but everyone agrees it was a great score for hamburger lovers everywhere.

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International Biscuit Festival, Here We Come!

International Biscuit Festival

Bring on the biscuits.

This weekend, we’re heading down to the International Biscuit Festival in Knoxville, TN. This celebration of home-cooking centers on “the most perfect of foods,” the biscuit. It will truly be a biscuit lover’s heaven, with a biscuit breakfast, biscuit cook-off, biscuit boulevard and more. Here are just a few of the highlights:

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Share Your ‘Food Person’ Story

Which one are you?

Do you love frosting cupcakes?  Does your devotion to a particular brand of hot sauce border on fanaticism?  Maybe you’re a creator of festive cheeseball sculptures, like the Easter cheeseball chick pictured above!

You’re a Food Person.

We want to know what it is about food that really gets you going, and we want you to show us!

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Atlanta Food and Wine Festival: Southern Food Celebration

Sugaree's Strawberry Layer Cake

Heavenly Strawberry Layer Cake, Sugaree's Bakery - New Albany, MS

The first annual Atlanta Food and Wine Festival has now wrapped, and the inaugural weekend for food and wine lovers was delicious and fun down to the last slice…

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