Atlanta Food and Wine Festival: Southern Food Celebration

Sugaree's Strawberry Layer Cake

Heavenly Strawberry Layer Cake, Sugaree's Bakery - New Albany, MS

The first annual Atlanta Food and Wine Festival has now wrapped, and the inaugural weekend for food and wine lovers was delicious and fun down to the last slice…

61 Culinary All Stars from 13 states descended on Atlanta over the weekend to celebrate authentic, Southern food and drink from every decadent, tantalizing angle.

Housemade Sodas Miller Union

Housemade Sodas -- Miller Union, credit: David Naugle

Unique Eats power-contributor siblings, Ted and Matt Lee, took time away from eating to share Southern tips and tricks at their cooking demo before serving up a major Southern Supper at Miller Union with Exec Chef, Steven Satterfield (formerly at Watershed).

Fan-fave Cheftestant and Executive Chef of the Woodfire Grill, Kevin Gillespie, curated a deep porcine dive in his Whole Pig Tent.

Kevin & Pig Tatt in our Grilling Videos here...

Kevin led the charge with eight chefs to serve up creative and delicious cuts of the pig from snout to trotter.  If the pig’s feet pancakes (pictured below) didn’t speak to you, there was plenty of pork belly for all.

Delicate Corn Cakes Topped with Pig's Feet -- The Whole Pig Tent

Miss Kevin after his Quickfire days?  Catch his new, exclusive Secrets of How to Grill series here.

Otherwise, it was an unforgettable weekend of Southern Decadence:

Pimento Cheese Toasts -- The Hungry Peach

Road Trip'ing with Local Fave Sweetwater Brewery

This little Airstream Land Yacht HAS to be on the next season of our new series,  Eat St.

Tiny, Tasty Alabama Tea Cakes -- To Die For

Sad to see the Airstream roll but we can’t wait for the 2nd Annual ATL Food & Wine Fest next year:

Thanks, Atlanta! The 1st Annual Food & Wine Fest was a hit.

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