Best Bites: Atlantic City Food and Wine Festival

Ben Sargen'ts Fish Soup

Ben Sargent's Spicy Fish Curry Soup. Photo: Roberto Ferdman

This past weekend, food-crazed crowds flocked to New Jersey’s famous boardwalk for Atlantic City’s 2011 Food and Wine Festival. With a star-studded line-up of Cooking Channel and Food Network chefs behind the burners, familiar faces were abound and good food was aplenty. A celebration of everything edible, drinkable and down-right delicious, the four-day feast featured tons of loosen-your-belt-worthy eats like Ben Sargent’s fiery Fish Curry Soup (pictured above).

Like Cooking Channel favorites Ben Sargent, Kelsey Nixon and Roger Mooking we couldn’t help but join in on the festivities. From Guy Fieri’s Cheese Steak Battle to Fire & Ice (an outdoor food and booze party), we made sure to bring back some of our favorite leftovers. Here’s what caught our eyes — and stomachs.

Conch Ceviche Topped with Citrus Sorbet
Chef Robert Irvine and his crew’s innovative pairing worked wonders on the palate. The ceviche and ice-cold sorbet met in perfect harmony, and the tangy citrus livened up each and every spoonful.

Citrus Sorbet Topped Conch Ceviche

Robert Irvine's Citrus Sorbet-Topped Conch Ceviche. Photo: Roberto Ferdman

Cubanos: Pressed Cuban Sandwiches
A classic Cuban lunch: Buttered white bread, freshly sliced ham and pork, melted Swiss cheese and yellow mustard — simple, and yet so satisfying.

Pressed Cuban Sandwiches

Pressed Cuban Sandwiches. Photo: Roberto Ferdman

Spicy Crusted Seared Tuna, and Much, Much More
Robert Irvine’s station also served up a mouthwatering combination of spicy crusted chunks of seared tuna and black beans. Check out his fine-looking fish and all our other faves.

Spicy Crusted Seared Tuna

Photo: Roberto Ferdman

New York City Food and Wine Festival is fast approaching. Get your tickets here!

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