Condiment Crackdown: Cooking Channel Fans Like Their Hot Sauce


Photo: Roberto Ferdman

It all started last week when Liz’s post on the charms of chili paste prompted an all out what’s-in-your-pantry comment war. Cooking Channel fans dauphin and JohnE O began by seeing who had more mustard containers, before moving on to types of miso, tricks for homemade ketchup and even a recipe for sweet hot chili garlic sauce.

All the sweet condiment banter got us thinking: what are Cooking Channel fans squeezing, spreading and dousing onto their favorite foods at home? So we called out to see what all your favorite condiments were. 150+ responses later, we liked what we saw. Did good ‘ol ketchup reign king this time? Did sambal oelek and nouc cham make the cut? You’ll have to read on to find out. But let’s just say condiments seem to be a pretty hot topic right now.


Sriracha is hot! but also pretty irresistible... Photo: Roberto Ferdman

The Condiment King: Sriracha
When it comes to hot sauce, word on the street says Sriracha is the coolest kid on the block. But it’s also pulling its weight in the greater condiment pool. Nearly a quarter of you listed the Vietnamese chili sauce as your favorite condiment, making it the most popular (and not by a slight margin, mind you).

Sriracha-Inspired Recipe Ideas:
Matt Armendariz’s Spicy Sriracha Pimento Cheese Dip
Chuck’s Crab Cakes with Spicy Sriracha Mayo
Mark Bittman’s Egg Noodles


Sharp as a knife, mustard adds an edge. Photo: Roberto Ferdman

Runner Up: Mustard
In a (somewhat) surprising second place finish, mustard out-muscled its main condiment counterparts ketchup and mayonnaise. Appearing on just over a sixth of your lists, the sharp and tangy yellow condiment is best known for its ability to spice up all sorts of sandwiches, but also works extremely well with pork, veggies and vinaigrettes.

Mustard-Inspired Recipe Ideas:
Braised Cabbage with Creamy Spicy Mustard Sauce
Cubano: Cuban Sandwich
Roast Pork with Warm Cabbage, Mustard and Champagne


Creamy and classic, use mayo to balance out sandwiches, burgers and french fries. Photo: Roberto Ferdman

Second Runner Up (A): Mayo
Mayonnaise may not have taken third place outright, but it still held its own considering the competition. Like mustard, mayo adds depth (and creaminess) to just about any sandwich. Whether you’re dipping french fries or crispy calamari, making your own mayo is the way to go.

Homemade Mayo Recipes:
Laura Calder’s Classic Mayonnaise
Emeril’s Jalapeño Mayonnaise
Chuck’s Horseradish Mayonnaise


Try making homemade ketchup for a change. Photo: Roberto Ferdman

Second Runner Up (B): Ketchup

It may not have finished first, but there’s still plenty of love for everyone’s favorite tomato-based condiment. When it comes to ketchup, (almost) anything goes. From french fries to pasta, and even white rice, we’ve heard all the extremes and everything in between. Add a fresher touch by making homemade ketchup. It’s far easier than you’d imagine, and you can spice it up however you like.

Homemade Ketchup Recipes:
Classic Tomato Ketchup
Jamie Oliver’s Homemade Tomato Ketchup
Emeril’s Roasted Pepper Ketchup


Spicy pepper sauce at its best. Photo: Roberto Ferdman

Honorable Mention (A): Tabasco

Back in the day, tabasco used to reign king among hot sauces. Still, plenty of Cooking Channel fans called out the beloved pepper sauce. After all, what better than a drop (or six) over oysters on the half shell?

Try Chuck’s Easy Oysters on the Half Shell


Wasabi pairs well with lots more than sushi. Photo: Roberto Ferdman

Honorable Mention (B): Wasabi

It may make your nose tingle a bit, but boy, is it worth it. When served alongside sushi, wasabi helps flavors pop. Try it with cooked fish, mashed potatoes or infused in cream cheese for a change.

Wasabi-Inspired Recipes:
Emeril’s Crispy Wasabi Potato Crusted Tuna
Smoked Salmon with Avocado and Wasabi Cream Cheese Finger Sandwiches
Nadia G.’s Pepper Crusted Tuna Steak with Teriyaki Sauce and Wasabi Mashed Potatoes

On the Cusp: Cholula, Nuoc Cham, Pesto.

Did your favorite condiment miss the cut? Call it out in the comments, and tell us why you love it!