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It’s National Cheeseburger Day: West Coast vs. East Coast

Which is your fave?

Are you celebrating National Cheeseburger Day?  What better way than with a big, juicy, beefy, cheesy sandwich from your favorite burger joint?

But few can agree on who has the best cheeseburger. West Coast burger lovers are fanatic about In-N-Out.  3 x 3 cheeseburger, animal style, anyone?

But East Coast diners love the fresh ingredients used in every Five Guys burger. We’re craving two Little Cheeseburgers, with bacon!

Help us settle the score. Who reigns supreme?  Where will you get your burger today?

If you feel like skipping the line, we think our Double “Juicy Lucy” burger really stacks up to the competition:

Cooking Channel's Double Juicy Lucy Burger will never disappoint.

Tell us how you’re celebrating National Cheeseburger Day!

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Comments (11)

  1. Hamburglar posted 09/18/2011

    Who knew today was such a special day?!! I'm in California, so I am dropping everything and heading straight to In-N-Out to celebrate. Happy Cheeseburger Day America!

  2. Marina1878 posted 09/18/2011

    When I have the chance to be in California the first thing I do, is go to In and Out burger. Order my meal and I am happy the whole day. I have yet to try the Five Guys Burger, and I lived in the East coast for twenty something years…

  3. dmw posted 09/18/2011

    I'm any East coast girl, but I LOVE LOVE LOVE In N Out burgers, They are the best!!!

  4. JayFey posted 09/18/2011

    I can honestly say I've never heard of either of these places until today. Ohio's severely lacking!

  5. Jan posted 09/18/2011

    In and Out Burger all the way….

  6. Deborah Maxwell Boston posted 09/18/2011

    We are jonesin' for an In and Out Burger in Indiana. Five Guys just can't compete!

  7. Brandon Elliott posted 09/18/2011

    the fries at five guys are better. if they put the five guy burger patty into the in-n-out sandwich it would be perfection. we have both here in San Jose.

  8. Cookn130 posted 09/19/2011

    Wow! Looks like In and Out Burgers rule!! I personally have not heard of or tasted same. I have had Five Guys here in FL and also in Chicago. I thought (as did anyone I have since introduced to them) that they are delicious!!

  9. JohnE O posted 09/19/2011

    I've only eaten at 5 Guys. I had greasy burgers and soggy fries. Not tasty at all. Twice was enough for me.

  10. bataone posted 09/19/2011

    In Charlotte NC there's alot of places to eat a burger. But to just grab and go It's Cook Out. They are fabulasly delishious. You get a big fat meaty burger, with fresh lettuce, red onion ,cheese, and of course, if I'm going to be bad , I'm going all the way and adding bacon too.. Hey and they are not bad on the pocketbook. I think this burger runs 3 dallors maybe, little more or less. , and they're big. I don't get how Cookout has always managed to under price all the other resturaunts, plus they have every flaver shake, and many other wonderful things. I don't work there, and after this they owe me one. LOL

  11. Wook posted 09/20/2011

    No question. In-N-Out. Anyone who says otherwise, please stay away from California. You aren't welcome.

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