All the Greek You Can Eat, Tonight on Food(ography)


Make sure to wear a loose-fitting toga for tonight’s episode of Food(ography), because it’s jam-packed with amazing Greek food from your favorites! 

Mo Rocca visits Chef Michael Psilakis for Grilled Fish 101 featuring his Grilled Branzino and Grilled Octopus at Kefi. Then say opa to ouzo at New Jersey’s Axia Restaurant with leading author Diane Kochilas — get a load of their Moussaka:

Moussaka recipe from Axia Taverna restaurant.

 Then off to Los Angeles’ Papa Cristo’s to taste their Sizzling Shrimp Santorini

Chrys and Annie Chrys outside Papa Cristo's


Sizzling Shrimp Santorini from Los Angeles' Papa Cristo's restaurant.

Discover the most authentic Pork Souvlaki at the Souvlaki GR Greek Food Truck, and finally experience a VERY authentic Greek family party! Don’t break ALL the plates! You’ll need some for the stuffed grape leaves and lamb chops!  Opa! 

Greek food to go on the Souvlaki GR food truck, with Abby and Pavlos Sierros.

Tune in tonight at 9pm ET for all the Greek you can eat, on Food(ography)!