Corky Pollan Celebrates Food Day with a Harvest Menu

Food Day Menu

October 24th is the country’s first ever Food Day, similar to Earth Day but focused on promoting a just, healthy, and sustainable food system. As soon as I learned about it, I began thinking about an appropriate way for me to mark the day. I’m someone who is professionally involved with food, one who loves to eat and loves to cook, and one who has always associated food with meals shared with family and friends. So I decided to bring Food Day into the home with a celebratory dinner for eight special friends.

With a nod to one of the movement’s basic principles of “supporting local farms,” everything I cook will come from the Union Square Greenmarket; and going a step beyond the push for “Meatless Mondays,” everything on the menu will be meatless.

Corky Pollan’s Food Day Menu

Apple Cider Cocktail
Toast Food Day with a bubbly cocktail that’s scented with apples and tastes of Fall.

Creamless Butternut Squash Soup with Balsamic Vinegar
This fragrant, velvety soup requires only four ingredients.

Harvest Vegetable Bake
Full of the flavors we crave as the temperature dips.

Emmer Farro Pilaf
A deliciously nutty grain full of healthful properties.

Jalapeno-Flecked Cornbread
A cornbread with a touch of heat.

Balsamic-Roasted Pears Drizzled with Honey
A sweet taste of fall.

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How are you celebrating Food Day?

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