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Craving: Holiday Cookies

Christmas Cookie Recipes on Cooking Channel
Gear up for holiday baking with Cooking Channel. Your favorite celebrities, chefs & Food People have opened their kitchens to share their best cookie recipes. From Cookie Monster’s sugar cookies to Kelsey’s Peppermint Meltaways, we’ll keep you baking all season. Visit our All-Star Cookie Swap, then head over to for great takes on holiday baking from Food Network chefs.

I have to admit, I have quite the sweet tooth. And while Thanksgiving had plenty of pies and other fall desserts, it’s Christmas cookies I’ve been craving since early November.

And from your favorite Cooking Channel chefs’ recipes to the sweet treats of all-star celebrities, Cooking Channel has the holiday cookie recipes to keep you baking all season long. Here are the ones I’m adding to my December baking agenda (and you should, too):

Cookie Monster's Sugar Cookie Recipe

Cookie Monster’s Famous Sugar Cookie Dough

If there’s one monster that knows cookies, it’s Cookie Monster. Get his super simple recipe for sugar cookie dough and fend off your holiday cookie cravings.

Linda Evans Cookie Recipe

Linda Evans’ Ginger Lemon Cookies

Lemon lovers will fall for Linda Evan’s ginger-lemon thumbprints. The spices in the cookie nicely balance out the bright flavor of the lemon curd.

White House Cookie Recipe

White House Pastry Chef Bill Yosses’ Molasses Spice Cookies

Snack like President Obama this holiday season. White House pastry chef Bill Yosses shares his take on the classic holiday cookie, the gingersnap.

Angry Birds Cookie Recipe

Angry Birds’ One Flew Over The Bad Piggies’ Castle Egg Yolk Cookies

The app that caused a sensation is coming out with a cookbook. Get started on your Angry Birds’ cooking lessons with their official holiday cookie recipe.

Get More Celebrity Cookie Recipes

Bobby Deen Cookie Recipe

Bobby Deen’s Double Chocolate-Walnut Meringue Cookies

These cookies are light and crisp with a slightly fudgy texture and a to-die-for chocolate-hazelnut filling.

Yigit Pura Coconut Cookie Recipe

Yigit Pura’s Madras Coconut Cookies

Bake like a Top Chef this holiday season with winner Yigit Pura’s recipe for coconut cookies. With just a hint of madras curry powder and plenty of coconut flavor, these unique cookies could just be the surprise hit of the season.

Nadia G.'s Candied Bacon and Dark Chocolate Chunk Cookies Recipe

Nadia G.’s Candied Bacon and Dark Chocolate Chunk Cookies

Chocolate, bacon and cookies: Nadia G.’s has the trifecta perfected with her Candied Bacon and Dark Chocolate Chunk Cookies.

Nealey's Mexican Hot Chocolate Cookies Recipe

Nealey’s Mexican Hot Chocolate Cookies

I’m a fan of all things spice, so to combine that with a rich chocolate cookie? Sign me up!

Jeffrey Saad's Eggnog Cookie Recipe

Jeffrey Saad’s Eggnog Cookies

As Jeffrey says, “The spike of brandy combined with the baking spices and rich flavor of the egg yolk makes these cookies a hand-held liquid-free eggnog.” Perfect for the holidays!

More Cookie Recipes From Cooking Channel Chefs

Still not satisfied?

What’s your favorite Christmas cookie?

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