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Nothing Like Grandma’s Cooking

Mo Rocca and His Grandmother

Nothing beats Grandma’s cooking. It’s soul-satisfying: delicious food enjoyed in a houseful of family members. And for Mo Rocca, he’ll never forget the Sunday suppers his grandmother used to host, with her ravioli as the centerpiece. Unfortunately, Mo’s grandmother passed away before he was able to learn her ravioli recipe. In fact, Mo can’t really cook at all.

But it’s never too late to learn, and Mo is going straight to the masters: grandmothers and grandfathers. Tune in to My Grandmother’s Ravioli this Sunday at 8pm ET as Mo pulls out all the stops to get grandmothers and grandfathers to share their family recipes.

Mo Rocca and Milla

Better watch the knife, Mo.

Mo’s first stop is New Jersey, where Mila teaches him how to make her Philippine version of paella (complete with a crucial secret ingredient). The dish is the centerpiece of her birthday party, where she gets a surprise visitor.

Mo Rocca and Pop

Mo's ready to give it a try!

Mo meets Pop, an Italian grandfather who learned how to cook after his wife passed away. Pop has a passion for traditional Italian specialties and shares his recipes for Focaccia and Rabbit Cacciatore with Mo.

It’s a delicious hour celebrating the American melting pot of food, family and creating memories. Tune in to My Grandmother’s Ravioli Sunday at 8pm ET.

Recipes From the Show

Who does Mo need to learn from next? Let us know! Simply leave the first name only of the grandmother or grandfather, plus a brief story of their best dish, in the comments below, and Mo could be paying them a visit soon.

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Comments (179)

  1. Martin Pabian posted 02/26/2012

    My parents are both immigrants, and old! My dad makes the sweetest cakes, desserts, and breads, while my mom makes legen…wait for it…dary pierogies, soups, and meats! Plus who doesn't love listen to two old foreigners speak!

  2. Tina posted 02/26/2012

    My 75 year old Aunt Lena is the matriarch of our family, and she makes incredible homemade fettuccini! I'd tried making it myself a couple times, but it took forever and the results were inconsistent. A couple years ago, when I was visiting from California, I spent an afternoon making pasta with her. I learned so much! Aunt Lena is warm and funny, and would be great fun to watch with Mo. She grew up in Calabria, the only daughter in her family, and she learned everything in the kitchen from my grandma. My favorite part about her method of making pasta is that it involves wine breaks while the dough rests.

    • Casting Director posted 05/05/2012

      Tina, I'd love to meet your Aunt Lena but you didn't leave your email address… so I have no way to get in touch with you. Please email me back at:

      We are casting NOW!!!! The new series of MY GRANDMOTHER'S RAVIOLI starts airing in the fall!

  3. Dina posted 02/28/2012

    Hoda is almost 74 years old and emigrated from Egypt to the US in 1968 with her husband. She spoke pretty good English as she had attended the English high school in Cairo, but her husband Mony didn't. So with $3000 in their pocket they started a new life in Queens, NY, and Mony went to the Burlitz school to learn English and at the same time went to St. John's University to achieve his master's degree in Business. They brought with them a hard work ethic and the recipes from their families in Egypt. They had children late, and their children are taking their time finding their soulmates, so Hoda is not a grandmother yet. But she is like a grandmother to a host of young children in our extended family, and MAN CAN SHE COOK. Have you ever heard of Molokhia? It's basically the traditional Sunday dinner in Egypt, made from good stock and mallow greens, layered with delicious butter-infused rice, roast chicken, onions and toasted pita bread. And like all Sunday dinners, every family eats it slightly different, making their own traditions with it. I live and breath for it, it's my favorite meal! Hoda is my mom, she is amazing and should be on your show – she has great stories, and will feed you till you burst. Tabouli, Falafel, Kobebah, Foul, traditional Rice Pudding, Baklava, Moussaka – you name it!

    • Casting Director posted 05/05/2012

      Dina – Hoda sounds AMAZING. I don't have your email address… Can you email me at: so we can talk about the casting?

      We are casting NOW!!!! The new series of MY GRANDMOTHER'S RAVIOLI starts airing in the fall!

  4. BaileyHillary posted 02/28/2012

    Barrie just turned 70 this past December and is as sassy as ever. Amazing with all good ol' American foods- fried chicken, pot roast, twice baked potatoes, her most incredible are her home made pies. Flaky crusts topped with just the right amount of cinnamon with fresh raspberries from the garden oozing out of the center! Served warm with ice cream, yum!

  5. Kelly I posted 02/29/2012

    My Grandma Eve is a lean mean cooking machine! A whopping 4'11" tall she can cook and serve an Italian meal for 25 (our immediate family) better than anyone I know. It's hard to pick my favorite meal of hers or to know that the one I pick could be possibly shared with the world, but it would have to be her egg plant parmesean. It all starts with her homemade sauce and meatballs. She layers it with breaded eggplant and a very secret ingredient. It's wonderful hot but even better leftover cold. There is nothing like a meal with my sisters, mom and dad, all my aunts and uncles and cousins at my Grandma's dining room table. She keeps our family together with her food and traditions – she is our Matriarch and we love her! Grandma is like a fine wine – aged to perfection!

    • Casting Director posted 05/05/2012

      Kelly, Your Grandma Eve sounds super duper fun. I'd love to learn more about her. We are casting for the first season of MY GRANDMOTHER'S RAVIOLI. I don't have your contact information. Can you please email me at: ?


  6. Laurie Giltner posted 02/29/2012

    Come meet Grandma Ceily Baby…. She Bakes the best Chocolate Chip biscotti in New Jersey ..Italian Knot cookies … and all the Easter pies too( sweet pie …Pizzagain(meat pie) and of course the beautiful Italian Easter Bread baked with colorful Easter eggs…She is an 80year old italian Grandma and you will be welcolme into her home with open arms!!!1

    • Casting Director posted 05/05/2012

      Laurie, I'd love to come meet Grandma Ceily Baby but I don't have your email address!!! Please email me back at:

      We are casting NOW!!!! The new series of MY GRANDMOTHER'S RAVIOLI starts airing in the fall!

  7. Hannah Jo posted 02/29/2012

    My Grandfather Bart’s lobster burger is the best! He spent his life lobstering and cooking on the remote island of Vinalhaven, Maine. The burger combines Vinalhaven’s traditional lobster Newberg with a grilled beef burger.

  8. Irishrose posted 03/01/2012

    Sorry, Thought this was going to be a fab idea but NOT when you promote cock fighting as in the segment with Mila. It may be okay in the Philippines but her enthusiasm and the network condoning it has made be a previous viewer. I'm really surprised at you.

  9. TDM posted 03/01/2012

    Again I post, Does anyoway py attention. Mo Rocca's program is an exact duplicate of my copyrghted series submitted and rejected by Food Network. Look at http://www.the
    I don't have the means to take this to court.

  10. Ellen slaby posted 03/03/2012

    our family friend's 95 year old Sicilian grandma makes us chicken speidini and rabe every time she visits. We took a trip to Palermo with her to visit her family. It was the best vacation ever.

  11. Ed Duffy posted 03/03/2012

    Edward Duffy. Nonny, my wife, grandmother of Teddy and Adele, loves to teach anyone to make her tomato sauce. She taught me, our 2 sons and our 6 yr old grandson. Being Irish, she took me from Chef Boyardee o authentic Italian. Edward Duffy

  12. Deb Chrystal posted 03/03/2012

    Pop was such a wonderful show!!!!! He could have his own show!! I learned to cook from just growing up Italian and learing to love food. Sadly my has dementia and would not be the greatest on your show….I suppose she could still talk you through pizzelles though!!!

  13. Tonyt d M posted 03/04/2012

    Does none hear me. I created this idea that I submitted to Food Network,'
    Look at the origianal, pure program .

  14. Tony D M posted 03/04/2012

    Does none hear me. I created this idea that I submitted to Food Network,'
    Look at the origianal, pure program .

  15. Mariella Bilello posted 03/04/2012

    My Grandmother Nonna Maria makes the best rice balls (arancini) ever by hand while the rice is still hot. She also makes the most fantastic fig cookies every year for Christmas. I would love to have you pay her a visit.

  16. Lucienne Gesualdo posted 03/04/2012

    My Grandmother "NonnaMa" is an extraordinarily gentile friendly and super OCD organized Italian woman. She came here after she married our "Nonnodad" in Italy. We have the BEST tomato sauce "homemade" production center in New Jersey happenning this August. I think her tomato sauce jarring production is totally worth a trip to the Garden State in August by Mo. My grandparents are Great friends with another guest on your show "Pop" (from the My Grandmother's Ravioli show). Pop and my grandmother have made sauce together for the past couple of years, along with a number of other aunts, my mom and even my spirited Great-Grandmother "NonnaMimma" (who is "the Boss"). I am sure the show would love a guest appearance from the well received grandpa such as "pop". It is a joy to watch the entire family get involved and it becomes a party rather then work. I think it is an awesome idea for an August episode. I hope you choose my Grandma for your show.

  17. Lydia posted 03/06/2012

    My grandmother, Elvira (yes, Elvira, but in Italian it sounds so much nicer!) moved from Italy (where she lived in Sicily, then Rome) in 1989. She is 91 years old and can still cook the most amazing meals! My dad (her son) lives right around the corner from here, and her three grandkids (including me) and 6 (soon to be 7) great-grandkids all live in the same city as she does, so we get to eat her cooking often! She makes the most amazing arancini, which she does in the shapes of pyramids instead of balls, her cannelloni is to die for, as are her spiedini… the list could go on and on. To top it off, she makes her own homemade liquors in a variety of flavors and they are amazing! She should definitely be on this show … I saw it the other day when "Pop" was on, and knew she would be terrific on it, plus her recipes could finally be shared with others – and they will be glad to learn them!

  18. Karen posted 03/08/2012

    Marguerite a resident in our community, has a favorite recipe ,Pork Roast Alsace Lorraine which she learn from her father. He was born in Alsace Lorraine France and became an accomplished chef through the cooking lessons he received from his Aunt. When he arrived in America he had chef positions in Chicago, California and New York restaurants. He was shocked to learn his new wife thought left-overs was something to serve for dinner and immediately agreed to teach her how to cook for 1 year. She also ended up working in the restaurant business with him. Marguerite was the only one of their children that took a shine to cooking. Through questions and watching her parents, Marge was able to amplify her culinary skills and practice her love for cooking. She married, had 1 daughter and the family settled in Vermont. While there she was asked to teach Cooking/Culinary Arts at the Burlington Area Vocational Technical Center and did so for 25 years. Her favorite dinner is Pork Roast Alsace Lorraine which is complete when served with sweet potatoes and sauerkraut. She wishes all "Happy Cooking!"

  19. hillhouse704 posted 03/12/2012

    My parents, 82 years young, are grandparents to 7 and great-grandparents to 3. Bruno's biscotti is famous for his secret ingredients (hint: anything alcoholic) and Loretta's veal scallopine (made with pork!) is delectable. They would not only show you how to cook both these specialities but put on quite a show, which our family calls "The Bruno and Loretta Show".

  20. Sam Jr posted 03/17/2012

    Sam or Papa as the grandchildren and great grandchildren call him is 78 years old, retired fireman, raised by his grandmother who came to the U.S. from a small town in Italy called Vieste. She was a wonderful woman that taught him not only to cook wonderful peasant dishes but also how to be a good person.
    He has many recipes but the one recipe we all love and get at special times of the year is called "ah-zem" (not sure how to spell it or what it means) but it is a pasta/dough/polenta that is put in the traditional wedding soup.We all crave it and love it and whenever it is introduced to friends they fall in love with it as i'm sure Mo would as well.
    Sam/Papa's passion in life is to feed people, from the days in the fire department to raising 6 kids, to cooking at the Church it brings him great pleasure. Mo…i think you'd enjoy his company and i know he'll teach you how to cook…he's taught us all!!
    So come to Portland Maine and break bread with us.

  21. Howard Rosenberg posted 04/07/2012

    Hey Mo! I am a grandfather of two grandsons. My mothert-in-law be fore she died entrusted me with her gefilte fish recipe which she brought with her from Poland after the holocaust. I would love to show you how its made.

  22. Rob posted 04/10/2012

    Lorraine is a Northerner who moved to a farm down South many, many years ago to raise a family. Fittingly, her meals are a smorgasbord of East Coast fare, traditional Southern food, and French family recipes. Despite getting well up there in age, she prepares Sunday meals for a rotating cast of kids, grandkids, great-grandkids, and friends well into the double digits — some of them (like myself) travelling over an hour and a half to get a seat at the table. Since coming down with diabetes, she has been experimenting with turning some of her traditional dishes into healthier fare.. but they're still just as tasty!

  23. CASTING DIRECTOR posted 05/04/2012

    Hey everyone!!! We are casting for the new season! Some of you didn't leave us contact information. Please email us at:
    – SO we can meet your fantastic grandparents!

  24. Erin posted 05/17/2012

    "Gampy" Wally is 66 years old, has been married for 40 years with 6 children & 8 grandchildren (and counting).
    He has been in the restaurant business for 38 years owning several restuarants and catering companies. Semi-retired now… he enjoys painting, going to Ernest Hemingway Look-a-like contest (he was a finalist last year!) and playing with his grandchildren.
    Known as 'Gampy" to the grand kids… everyone looks forward to when Wally is cooking. It is no mac n cheese for these kids, but more like paella, hash and stuffed pork loin! Everyone leaves with a tupperware of leftovers and is excited to be able to eat Gampy's food all week long. (What 1 year olds are eating chicken cacciatore?!)
    Gampy would be great for this as he has a large personality and unlimited skills in the kitchen.

  25. Sarah Meyers posted 07/12/2012

    My grandma, Lynn, who I call "Nanny," is 77 years old and has been married to the same man for 58 years. Together, they have three children, and from those children, eight grandchildren. Over the years, her food has only gotten better as she's dedicated more time to cooking. Every night at 6 pm, she and my grandpa, who I call "Papa," sit down together for one of her delicious home cooked meals. Living just 45 minutes away from my grandparents, I am able to stay with them often, and usually take part in helping prepare dinner while I'm there. It was Nanny who originally got me interested in cooking, and now, it has become a true passion of mine.

    All of Nanny's food is fantastic, but my favorite dish of hers has to be her meatloaf. It's not like the typical mystery meatloaf found in a school cafeteria that is slopped onto your lunch tray. No, Nanny's meatloaf is by far her most popular dish among my family. We're always asking her to make it when we stay with her, or when she comes over for dinner. She makes it with an Italian flare, using several different meats, seasonings, and cheeses to cook it with. While in the oven, the meatloaf sends a mouthwatering aroma throughout the house, exciting everyone for the meal to come. When it comes out of the oven, it is piping hot, yet everyone still rushes to get a piece right away…it's too good to wait! To me, the best part of Nanny's meatloaf is the center, because it holds the majority of the cheese, so I always make sure to get in line fast to ensure that I get the best piece! If there happens to be left overs after Nanny makes her famous meatloaf, she always encourages me to pack it up and take it home, and I'm more than happy to! What's better than her meatloaf on the first night? Her meatloaf on the second night!

    Nanny has a warm personality and is an expert in the kitchen! She is vibrant, has a great presence, and is incredibly passionate about cooking. She is the person who first inspired me to start cooking many years ago, and I believe she could inspire others as well! She would be perfect for the show!


  26. Jen C. posted 08/08/2012

    Grandma Laurie :-) Her City Chicken is the ultimate “grandma” recipe – made with pork, dredged in flour and fried, it’s like a hug on a stick! Her grandma would make tons of City Chicken once a month to feed all 10 of the grandchildren, plus their parents, aunts and uncles, and would even make it for 200 campers at a time when she cooked for a summer camp Grandma Laurie's dad ran. Always best with lots of mashed potatoes and lima beans, City Chicken is easy to make and a dish that just IS “grandma" in our family! It truly is a recipe handed down from grandma to grandma, bringing the ultimate comfort food down through the generations.

  27. Stephanie posted 10/05/2012

    My Grandma is Tootie, 89 years old. She lives in the midwest in the "HOG CAPITOL" of the World. She makes the most amazing Scalloped Corn and Mock Apple Pie. Both recipes are based on Ritz Crackers….yep Ritz Crackers. She has a way with pork…it is after all the HOG CAPITOL. You need to come to her kitchen.

  28. […] and Political Satirist Mo Rocca discusses his new Cooking Channel show, "My Grandmother’s Ravioli" with Marc Lamont Hill and the HuffPost Live community. […]

  29. […] My Grandmothers Ravioli .recentcomments a{display:inline !important;padding:0 !important;margin:0 !important;} […]

  30. Nancy posted 11/01/2012

    FANTASTIC show, what a treat!!!!!

  31. Steenieg posted 11/04/2012

    I've always thought that my grandma deserved her own tv show, she is unbelievably hilarious and I'm sure Mo would get a kick out of her too. No one has ever forgotten an interaction with my grandma, as long as we can somehow edit out her sporadic curse words, it would be amazing to have her on the show. ;) She is the definition of "spitfire" to say the least with endless stories and memories to share. Her food is equally as unforgettable as her personality. She is 100% Irish but we call her "honorary Italian"… Her husband, (my grandfather) who died 30 years ago was 100% Italian and she learned everything there is to know about "italianness" from him and his family. The love of food, family and Italian culture was passed on to our family by them, and our large family are always brought together by my grandma's fun spirit and amazing food. Among other things, she makes homemade cavatelli and the best meat sauce, complete with sausage from her friend "mr. Sausage" (where else would you buy your sausage?) … A few more details about my granny, she is 78 years old from Brooklyn, now living in Long Island… She is tiny, about 4'8 but, as mentioned her tough but loving hilarious attitude makes her larger than life. I could go on for days about her and would love to provide any additional details.

  32. Andy posted 11/04/2012

    My Gramma Ethel is 82 and the epitome of good southern cooking. She worked, and I emphasize "worked," in her and my Grandfather's own restaurant/bar for more than 50 years and has mastered southern cooking to a "T." Simple ingredients that amount to amazing results. Her mashed potatoes and fried chicken conjure up memories of a large family getting fatter over a meal. I have trouble finding a single dish to pinpoint because one could hand her just about any ingredient and she will do her thing and make it a dish to remember. Sharp as a tack that woman, and I would like others to remember her as I know her.

  33. JJ37 posted 11/04/2012

    A Pennsylvania-Dutch food connoisseur, Joanne is a wonderful grandmother and cook. She makes pork and sauerkraut for her family every Sunday along with cabbage and noodles and salad with hot bacon dressing. And she's done so for more than 20 years! She is always smiling and giggling in her kitchen and we love her for it.

  34. Regina posted 11/04/2012

    Kathy is a grandma worth visiting for her vareniki's, she makes the most amazing Vareniki's ever! The recipe was taught to her by her husbands grandmother. They are a simple dough, filled with basic ingredients, beef, bacon, and onions, or a soft cheese if you like. They get drenched with Butter and bacon sauce and topped with a dollop of sour cream. Combined with love, the whole family includes in the assembly line because when we get together, we make hundreds at a time! The recipe is being passed down to her youngest granddaughter who is only 8 yrs old, and already learning the techniques.

  35. Noellyn posted 11/05/2012

    My dad Noel is the best cook! At 56 he's a first time super excited grandpa to my daughter Imogen, but has been cooking all our lives for every holiday you can think of! Our whole family looks forward to his secret recipe of sweet BBQ short ribs and sweet Filipino spaghetti every year, especially during Christmas and he dresses up as Santa for all the lil ones right after too! He is the Masterchef in our clan and has the credentials to prove it-he once owned a restaurant here in Los Angeles, California in the 80s with my aunt called "Le Norms"! This is my dads passion, cooking comes from depth of who he is, please pick him for your next feature!

  36. Terri Massey posted 11/08/2012

    Our Mimi, here in north Mississippi, is a great Southern homecook. Her grandchildren always ask for her mashed potatoes and gravy. Of course, she also has to make her roast, cornbread cooked with bacon grease in a cast-iron skillet, and sweet tea. Banana pudding for dessert. She never seems to tire of making it…lucky for us.

    • Terri Massey posted 11/08/2012

      oh yes, and when Mississippi magazine came to photograph her perennial garden and then interviewed her on the porch, they described her voice as "dripping with magnolias".

      • Terri Massey posted 11/15/2012

        Hi! I'm Gaines Massey, I'm 12 and I'm Mimi's youngest grandson. I love my Mimi's mashed potatoes and gravy. I wouldn't want anything else for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

    • Maddie posted 11/08/2012

      I am Mimi's youngest granddaughter. And this is MY FAVORITE MEAL of all time! It is the best thing to come home to from college. Her mashed potatoes are what I imagine Heaven's clouds would taste like. I love to cook myself, and I love learning all the recipes that Mimi makes. It was a memorable day when I learned her secret to making her famous mashed potatoes.

      I am also a huge Mo Rocca fan. I listen to "Wait, Wait Don't Tell Me" regularly, usually on my drive home from college. Mo Rocca is absolutely hilarious on there, always love hearing his comments.

    • Catherine Grenfell posted 11/08/2012

      I can proudly say that I am Mimi's middle grand daughter therefor I grew up eating Mimi's mashed potatoes and gravy, however she has spoiled me for life. Her secret ingrediant is what sets them apart from all others. They literally melt in your mouth. Unfortunately, I have been deprived of them since I no longer live in Mississippi. I have searched all over NY and nothing compares. Every holiday I am hoping that mashed potatoes and gravy will be on the serving table and if I am lucky enough I am asked to be sous chef!! xoxo

      • Sarah Pettigrew posted 11/11/2012

        I am another one of Mimi's granddaughters and her home cooking is amazing! Between the roast, mashed potatoes and gravy, deviled eggs and banana pudding we never leave hungry. We always request to celebrate holidays in Senatobia just so we can eat all of her delicious grub ! When it's time for us to head back to Nashville she sends us back with leftovers that usually it require more than one cooler. My husband and I don't complain, sometimes I think that he prefers Mimi's cooking over his own mothers. Come visit Mimi's house and sit on her back porch sipping sweet tea, while you anxiously await the best southern food you will ever put in your mouth.

  37. Rachel posted 11/11/2012

    At nearly 80 years old, my grandma Rose is the best cook I know. She is best known for her chicken parmesan and her cookies (especially her chocolate chip cookies and her pignoli cookies). She also makes a mean lasagna. She taught herself how to cook after getting married in her 20s and continues to cook up a storm in her Brooklyn kitchen. She is known for making massive amounts of food and multiple courses–you never go hungry at her house. She always makes sure her grandkids have their own batch of chocolate chip cookies at all time. Each Christmas she makes trays full of cookies to enjoy after dinner. An avid Food Network and Cooking Channel lover, she loves trying new recipes that she sees on television.

  38. Nancy Mueller posted 11/11/2012

    Our grandmother, Ione Teeter Holm, and our mother's grandmother, Ida Jessen Holm, were inspirations to their grandkids in the kitchen. The wives of Danish farmers in Livermore California, they cooked for their large families, farm and ranch hands, many friends, and even the occasional hobo that hopped off the Southern Pacific trains that rolled past the family farm. We were fortunate enough to spend many hours with Granny in the kitchen, and eventually we measured out the ingredients, wrote down their recipes and compiled them into a family cookbook. Like Mo, our grandmother has passed away, so we would love to invite Mo up to our family ranch to spend some time in the kitchen with the Cookin' Cowgirls! We could put an apron on Mo and teach him some of our favorite recipes from Granny: Cowboy Beans, Potato Salad, Danish Pickles, Apple Pie and Strawberry Ice Cream are just a few. Come and get it!!!

  39. Kyle posted 11/11/2012

    Janina, my grandmother, came over on the boat from Poland (along with my grampapa and mom) back in the early 1950s. She brought to this country, her recipe for pierogis…real Polish pierogis….mmmmm.

  40. Lauren T posted 11/12/2012

    Hello Mr. Rocca-

    I would like to take a few minutes of your time to tell you why you should meet with my grandfather, Jerry. He not only is the happiest and funniest human being I have ever met, he is also your standard Irishman. If you are interested in learning how to make an amazing Irish boiled dinner, perfect for a cool evening night, he's your guy! He is the most interesting and entertaining person you could have on your show and I promise you, you would enjoy your dish.

    Thank you!

  41. Aimee Hachigian posted 11/12/2012

    My mother, Louise, an 82 year old grandmother of 5, is passing along her love of Armenian cooking to her grandkids, just like her mother (a genocide survivor) did for me. Some of Mamoo's specialties are Lahmajoon (flat, pizza style meatpies), Kufta (bulghur/meat crusted meatballs stuffed with a meat and pine nut filling), Beoreg (phyllo dough layered with cheese or meat), Bahmia (lamb and okra stew), Yalanchi dolma (rice filled grape leaf rolls). Even though it is just her and my Dad (Baboo) at home now, she always cooks for an army and always room for one (or ten) more people at the table. Cooking/baking for Sunday dinners and holidays is an all day affair. When she is making the specialties like lahmajoon, it is like an all day assembly line and everyone has a job. She will make 200 lahmajoons in a day and everyone goes home with some. My sons have won many blue ribbons and sweepstakes awards at the Montana State Fair with her recipes and she herself still wins sweepstakes awards at State Fair. Armenian cooking is about love and family and Mamoo is making sure that legacy is passed on. Come to Montana and learn about Mamoo's lahmajoon (and other Armenian specialties)!

  42. Nanette Miller posted 11/17/2012

    My Grandmother's Ravioli is not just a famous show, it is an Homage to all Grandparents. Mo Rocca is very good with what he does. His show is very touching and brings such good memories to each and everyone's childhood. Who would have known, Food Channel is not just about food but about Memories!!! More power to MO and we want MORE MO!!!!!

  43. janice picardi posted 11/18/2012

    My maternal grandmother immigrated from Italy in 1918 with very few personal possessions but some very great talent. She was a excellent baker but never had any recipes written. She would judge the consistency of the ingredients by the way the batter stuck to the spoon or how the dough felt when she kneaded it. This is how she taught my 92 year old mother who still bakes pretty much the same way.
    She made Biscotti cookies for us long before they were popular. Grandmother's cookies were not the hard cookies you buy in the coffee shops and grocery store now. They were not mushy or soft so when you dunk them they fell apart. They were always perfect with enough dryness, sweetness, and, flavor.
    Years ago we started to look for recipes that may have the ingredients and measurements that she used and had her judge the baking of the cookies. She would make us adjust the recipe with "not to mucha salt or mora sugar" but again never an exact measurement. She also used anise oil that we would had to purchase from a drugstore and because it was "expensive for those days" she would use a dropper to put the oil in the dough. My Mother is, and my Grandmother was, both incredible, strong and caring women.

  44. Jenn posted 11/18/2012

    I love love love this show, Mo! Fabulous! I try to never miss an episode. Thanks for bringing something different into cooking television.

    Take care and continue your lessons via the world of Grandparents.


  45. Paul D posted 11/18/2012

    Eleanor (Nana El) is 88 years old and has been making homestyle Italian food from scratch for 75 years. While her meatballs (with beef, pork and veal) and gravy (italian sauce for those who dont live on the East Coast) are family favorites. But her true specialty is Eggplant Parmasian and the dish is more than just delicious – there is a story behind every step, and a method behind all of the madness. I think Mo would have fun spending time with Nana El and seeing how to make the best Eggplant Parm, pasta, meatballs, braciole and gravy around.

  46. Elizabeth Jones posted 11/29/2012

    Angie (known to all of us as Yia Yia) just turned 90 years old in September. She's been cooking from scratch Greek food her entire life and learned how to cook from her father, a chef, who immigrated to America.
    Anything Yia Yia cooks is spectacular, but by far, the family's favorite dish is her spanakopita. Special occasions aren't truly special until Yia Yia pulls a tray of her famous spanakopita out of the oven. The entire family rushes to the table and the tray of spanakopita is gone in minutes. The family's second favorite is Yia Yia's baklava. She only makes it for Christmas, and the family literally fights for the prized part, all the left over phyllo bits in the pan that are saturated in honey. I am not ashamed to admit I have actually pushed my niece and nephews out of the way to get a piece of the left over phyllo first.
    Yia Yia is a wonderful person (and a total flirt). Watch out if you visit Yia Yia, Mo.

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  49. Bryan Luedecking posted 12/09/2012

    Cookie Queen- My grandmother, Irma, is the queen of sweets and treats. She is an adorable little 92 year old grandmother with is full of life and lives to bake. She bakes, just to bake for anyone who asks. Cookies, pies and deserts are her specialties. We have asked her repeatedly to teach us grandkids how to make her pie crust, but she says there is no recipe. Her rhubarb pie is to die for!! Mo- I think you should get her to reveal her delicious pie making secrets.

  50. ellen Schwartz posted 12/09/2012

    I nominate myself to meet and cook with Mo. I have taken all my skills from my Grandmother, Nene, my childhood housekeeper who was trained by my Grandmother and my mother and made myself a little cooking tutoring business.

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