Oscar-Inspired Best Picture Eats

Whether you’re hosting a viewing party or just watching the broadcast in your pajamas, this year’s Academy Awards deserve a properly themed menu. We took inspiration from the Best Picture Nominations to come up with some ideas for what to serve. Here are our top picks for an Oscars-Inspired Menu:

The Help — A Southern Feast

One of the more food-centric movies of the year, The Help is set in Mississippi in the 1960’s and features everything from ladies-who-lunch tea sandwiches to Southern-fried chicken (with an unmentionable pie for dessert).

While you may not have Minny’s assistance in your kitchen (or her Crisco secret), you can still try your hand at a Southern spread. Michael Symon’s delicious twist on classic fried chicken is the perfect centerpiece.

Round out the meal with a side of Southern greens, and don’t forget dessert: Food and Wine has the recipe for Minny’s Chocolate Pie (without the special ingredient, of course).

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Midnight in Paris and Hugo — French Comfort Foods

There are two nods to Paris in this year’s Best Picture category: Woody Allen’s Midnight in Paris and Martin Scorsese’s family-friendly Hugo. The latter is set in Paris during the 1930’s, and its winter scenes conjure up the image of comfort food. So we turned to Laura Calder for recipe inspiration.

For the ultimate French comfort food menu, pair Laura’s slow-cooked potatoes with creamy Coq au Reisling, and round out the meal with the classic French dessert, Tarte Tatin. This menu is perfect for a crowd, or to indulge in when you’re wearing stretchy pajama bottoms.

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Moneyball — Game-Day Grub

Whether you’re a baseball fan or just have a crush on Brad Pitt (guilty), Aaron Sorkin’s Moneyball will have you craving stadium favorites like Cracker Jacks, hot dogs and likely a beer. So before the season kicks off in April, you can celebrate this Oscar nod with a menu featuring the best in Game-Day Grub.

A baseball-themed menu just wouldn’t be complete with out a dog, and Bobby Deen’s Game Time Chili Dogs are just right for the occasion. And rather than plain ol’ buttery ballpark popcorn, kick it up a notch and serve Kelsey’s Maple Nut Popcorn (it’s popcorn meets Cracker Jacks). Chuck’s  recipe for Ballpark Pretzels will fit in with this spread. And while it might be hard to track down mini baseball helmets to serve as your bowl, everyone will still appreciate ending the feast with an ice cream sundae.

Game Time Chili Dogs

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The Descendents — A Taste of Hawaii

Both lead-actor George Clooney and his film The Descendents are nominated for Oscars. We can only imagine what it was like for the cast and crew to shoot on location in Oahu and Kauai (color us jealous!). Give yourself a taste of Hawaii with your Oscar menu. Go traditional and serve ahi poke and Spam musubi, or just get a feel for Hawaii with our Hawaiian Bulgogi Burger.

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While we aren’t making any Best Picture predictions (we’ll leave those decisions up to the Academy), we’d nominate any of the recipes to be the star of Sunday’s dinner.

What movie would you pick to win Best Picture?