What Can $640 Million Buy You?

MegaMillions Lottery

You’ve purchased your Mega Millions ticket already (who hasn’t?), but have you started dreaming about how you’d spend that money? We sure have! And we wondered: Just what could you buy with $640,000,000?

Magnolia Cupcakes

+210 million Cupcakes from Magnolia Bakery

At $3 a pop, you could buy 213,333,333 cupcakes from Magnolia Bakery in New York City. Even with your 649 Facebook friends eating five cupcakes a day, it would take you all 179 years to achieve that.


+32 million cases of Spam from Amazon.com

The list price on Amazon for a pack of 6 12-ounce Spam cans is $19.52. At that rate, you’d be set for any apocalyptic occurrence with 32,786,885 cases of Spam. (Think of all the Spam Musubi you could make!)


Approximately 83 Vineyards Around the World

Though 100% an approximation, we took the five list prices for vineyards found on Curbed.com and averaged it out to be about $7.67 million per vineyard. At that cost, you’d be able to buy 83 vineyards across the world.


128,000 FleurBurgers from Fleur in Las Vegas

According to Luxist.com, the FleurBurger created by Chef Hubert Keller features a Kobe beef patty topped with a truffle sauce and served on a brioche truffled bun. But the real expense comes from the beverage it’s served with:  “a bottle of 1990 Chateau Petrus, that is served in Ichendorf Brunello stemware that you get to keep.”

The price tag for this burger? $5000. With your new-found millions, you could buy yourself and 127,999 friends one. (The Daily Meal rounded up 13 more bank-breaking meals, though, if you win, they won’t even put a dent in your wallet.)

While none of us are looking to stock up on Spam or see how many cupcakes we can eat in a year (we do enough of the latter without winning the lottery, and avoid the former always), we did have some ideas for how to spend the money:

  • “Rent out and staff kitchens in major cities so I could always have a home cooked meal.
  • “Hire a Cordon Bleu-trained private chef to make healthy, delicious meals for me every day!” 
  • “I’d purchase a restaurant chain. That, or a pizza oven in my house, though I could probably do that for a lot less than $640 million.” 
  • “Fly 50 of my closest friends for an authentic clambake in Maine.”
  • “Hire each of the Iron Chefs to create a different dinner each night and then have my friends pick the grand Iron Chef winner.”
  • “How much is the entire Krispy Kreme empire?”
  • “Re-open El Bulli. Just for me and friends.”

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