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Dinner Party Duo Heads to Texas in “Married With Dishes”

Tamara Reynolds and husband Karl

Married With Dishes - Tamara Reynolds and her husband, Karl.

Tamara Reynolds (whom you may recognize from Unique Eats) and her husband, Karl, have been hosting an underground Sunday Night Dinner at their Queens apartment for nearly eight years. Needless to say, the couple are used to cooking for a crowd under pressure. But what happens when Cooking Channel sends them down to Fredericksburg, Texas to put on a homegrown feast for the Lone Star State in the new special Married With Dishes?

“Guerilla warfare,” Tamara says.  “It’s a stressful cooking situation, as you’ll see. Top Chef’s got nothing on me.”

The pair was given 12 hours to find a location, source ingredients and invite total strangers to a dinner that embodied Texas while still staying true to the area’s (and Tamara’s) German roots.

“There’s a whole German community in the middle of Hill Country in Texas,” she says. “I had no idea.”

A self-taught cook who has learned all she knows through trial-and-error, Tamara is no newbie to cooking on the fly. Will it be enough to make all the dishes for the dinner party come together in a mere 12 hours? Oh, and by the way, it all has to be cooked with just one burner.

suckling pig

No matter what happened, the only thing Tamara wouldn't budge on her menu was this suckling pig.

The pair met some colorful locals; Karl rode around in a convertible Cadillac with Texas Longhorns on the front scouting locales and finding the cooking essentials. Plus, Tamara learns to shoot a gun for the first time when she runs into a woman who offers to hunt her down a wild boar for the dinner’s main course. Throughout it all, the couple stays married and makes a dinner with fresh, local ingredients.

The night’s menu changed with each new person the couple encountered, but one dish was so good Tamara says she’s made it five times since coming home.


Tamara's "South by Southwest" Potlikker inspired by all the lush ingredients she found in Texas.

Young greens, tomatillos (in honor of Texas, of course), roasted chiles, chili flake, bacon smoked pork broth and cider vinegar came together in what Tamara names a “South by Southwest Potlikker.”

“Our show is fun and ridiculous,” she says, “But the truth of the matter is anything I make can totally be made in your home kitchen. That’s where I cook on an everyday basis. I hope to encourage more home cooking in America—it’s important.”

Tune in to Married With Dishes April 22 at 8 p.m. to watch the hilarity ensue!


Comments (2072)

  1. daddyadjustment posted 04/22/2012

    Great photo guys!!!

  2. mkmwilliams posted 04/23/2012

    Surely this show can be done without foul language. I've lost count of the number of bowels before the opening credits. Not impressed so far. The only reason I will finish this episode is because it takes place in Fredericksburg TX where my grandchildren live.

  3. Elisabeth posted 04/23/2012

    Exactly!!!! How can you folks at Food Channel even begin to tolerate this??? This is a cooking show, not an 'R' rated violent movie! I'm pretty tolerant of a word here and there, but this woman's mouth needs a lot of soap! And you folks at Food Channel better take quick action or loyal followers will be shuting you down!

  4. Jennifer Smiga posted 04/23/2012

    I smell the Four Coursemen cooking in the background. It had class and depth!!! Bring it back!! Thanks Cooking Channel!!

  5. Debra Levy Picard posted 04/23/2012

    Huge fan of Cooking Channel. Just watched Married with Dishes. Agreed Jennifer!! I loved Four Coursemen. They were fantastic. Loved their flare, personalty, and ingenuity! This show has a very familiar formula, but it does not work. Bring back the Four Coursemen.

  6. KevinA posted 04/23/2012

    Don't let the prudes and haters determine the path for all of us. Flat out the best show on your network. Real people, real enthusiasm. I would watch it again, and hope you bring back more episodes. If one show bothers you all that much, maybe you should change the channel for that single hour.

  7. Xnksusan posted 04/23/2012

    I saw the show and was really glad I stumbled on it. Tamera has a happy attitude and so does Karl. So what if Tamera cusses, the network bleeped those words out. Looking for the flaws in people? They will always be found. We have an October fest at our house and we have just the family over. We add onto the fest more German items and it is a lot of fun!

  8. Elisabeth posted 04/23/2012

    I'm neither a prude or a hater…I just don't need to hear foul language on a cooking show…why must you criticize my opinion? While I am 54 years old, I was taught to be thoughtful and respectful. Apparently that wasn't part of the upbringing of many of you bloggers. So 'F' you!

  9. Xnksusan posted 04/23/2012

    Nice! First you criticize the show for having a chef on with a less than perfect language , then you use that same language. Please, calm down. Nobody is criticizing you.

  10. SC Food Fan posted 04/23/2012

    This show ROCKS! Yes, the Four Coursemen was an interesting show but this show is BETTER! Tamara and Karl are funny, down to earth people. They have fun and it is infectious! There are soooo many cooking shows these days with personalities that are bland and boring. This show is fresh, informative, REALISTIC and entertaining.

    I could feel Tamara's pressure to get everything together and on the table. I have NO problem with her language! It's REAL world. There isn't a restaurant in the country where the kitchen staff doesn't cuss like druken sailors when the pressure starts building for service. Please, please, please……MORE shows from Tamara and Karl.

    You could always change the time slot to run it after 9pm so those oh so properly raised individuals with delicate ears and constitutions are alread in bed. Maybe run it right before Bitchin' Kitchen (another show I happen to enjoy). I'm not quite 50 yet, but I sure hope 4 years from now I don't become so jaded or intolerant!

  11. Travel With Eileen posted 04/23/2012

    The warmest, most joyous show I have seen on TV in a long time. Can't wait to see where they go next!

  12. Soup posted 04/24/2012

    Tamara and Karl are real people and real people curse. Sorry, haters. Tamara was a singer and those in the arts have a sincere way of expressing themselves. You add to that to cooking? This equals lots fun which is what these shows are about anyway. I love Ina Garten but not all shows have to be as dainty as the "Barefoot Contessa." Tamara seems to be a rock n' roll girl working and living large. I look forward to more episodes.

  13. Ruben posted 04/24/2012

    I absolutely loved the show. I thought they where, funny , warm and real. I never saw a cooking show that held my interest for that long. It had so much in it , locally sourced food, trying new things and going to new places, and most of all connection and breaking bread with people. Something sorrily lacking in todays lonely computer/ cell phone society. I would watch very episode to see where they go what they cook and who they meet.

  14. Chris posted 04/25/2012

    Really funny and fun. Loved it. More please.

  15. sharon posted 04/25/2012

    my 3 yr old and 6 yr old watched the show with grandma in the room. At the first BEEP the 6 yr old says, "they make a beep when tamara says a SPICY word. The 3 yr old says, "spicy means hot grandma, it could burn your tounge." We laughed and enjoyed the rest. Funny, noone went to kindergarten today and said "beep" to the teacher.

  16. foodie posted 04/25/2012

    Loved it! The chefs were quirky and entertaining, the plot challenging (no kitchen? on the fly impromptu dinner party? small town characters?), the filming and production top notch, what a fun and comical cooking show. Very innovative, refreshing and entertaining. I can only watch so many shows of boring folks in a kitchen. Heck, thats what I do at home. A traveling, spontaneous, comical, original show, now thats entertainment.

  17. Heather posted 04/25/2012

    Great new show! Loved it! The hosts were a lot of fun, they really took the bull by the horns and created an amazing dinner. The show was funny, warm, and inviting…I would have loved to have been at that dinner. Please find more adventures for these two to go on! I will watch it again and again!

  18. Michele posted 04/25/2012

    I guess Gordan Ramsey needs to be taken off the air along with ALL his shows as he is not very proper. This show is REAL down to earth person cooking for REAL people. You can not help but laugh along when you see someone who is sincerely belly laughing and loving what they do. I can not wait to see their next adventure I am sure it will be a blast.

  19. ang posted 04/29/2012

    I find most cooking shows totally boring. This one had me glued to my tv set. Bring us more of Tamara and Karl!!

  20. Jan posted 04/29/2012

    where can I get the recipe for the sweet and sour cabbage with reisling

  21. Jill posted 04/30/2012

    When is the next Married with Dishes? My family wants MORE! What a great, real show! I am inspired to host LOTS of suppers this summer to connect our eclectic group of "folks we know" together. Thanks Tamara and Karl!

  22. Paula posted 05/01/2012

    I'm so happy I stumbled on it while flipping through the channels. I love it!!

  23. Deanna posted 05/01/2012

    LOVED it. If Tamara needs a working class neighborhood to do a show from, they are invited to Houston. I know where all of the organic markets are, and I can talk to the folks across the street about freshcabrito. I would be buds with Tamara and Karl in a minute flat.

  24. bearandbu posted 05/01/2012

    I watched this <beep> show last night and laughed my <beep beep> off. What a down to earth delight in a sea of otherwise mediocre, boring <beep> programming. Keep up the great work, leave this show on, or I'll change the <beep> channel.

  25. Travel with Eileen posted 05/03/2012

    I watched it again, and it was just as good as the first time. But how come there's nothing on the site saying when the next show is?

  26. jstduckee posted 05/03/2012

    Eileen I found all of the recipes here: ( › Shows) and the show dates also.

    We love this show! Especially the relationship between Tamara and Karl and look forward to many more from them. Down to earth and honest, she is a HOOT! I loved how everyone in the town came together. Reminds me of the town we live in. Keep up the great work ,wonderful entertainment. We laughed so had we cried! Having taken care of a Mom with dementia for six years, It is wonderful to be able to laugh again!

  27. Laura C posted 05/05/2012

    Loved it! I saw it this morning and plan to record it tomorrow for my husband to watch. We recently moved to Austin from Boston and I am
    enjoying the local color and cuisine. I cook and have dinner parties to enhance connections between folks. I loved the supper club concept, and really appreciated the can-do attitude embraced by Tamara and Ken along with the genuine warmth and helpfulness of the Fredericksburg community. Keep the shows coming!

  28. Janet posted 05/06/2012

    I loved this show!! It was so inspiring. They know the power and purpose of food, to bring people together to share our lives and stories. The food was local, healthy and creative. Exactly what I want my dinners to be about. The personalities (including the language) are real and genuine and made my heart warm. So hope you do some more espisodes!

  29. nancy posted 05/09/2012

    great show!!!!!!

  30. Cindy in Chicago posted 05/13/2012

    When will we see more?!?!? I thought the show was great, so fun, and very entertaining. The concept was so refreshing and those two as a couple were hilarious. I love that it shows us who they really are, their true personalities. The stress of finding food, struggling to cook it and getting dinner on the table for a party of people that they don't know is very similiar to how I feel when I am cooking for a large group. I hope we get to see a lot of more of this show, it was awesome!

  31. Travel with Eileen posted 05/30/2012

    Am I missing something? When is the next episode? Really eager to see where they go next.

  32. cookingchannelfan posted 11/24/2012

    Love the show! Cant believe she was willing to hunt down dinner. Of course she wanted to change her shoes first.

  33. AngelainOhio posted 11/25/2012

    Just saw this for the first time. Need another helping please!

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