Twice as Nice: Happy 2nd Birthday, Cooking Channel!

Cue the candles and the bubbly pairing for that barbecueCooking Channel turns 2 this weekend. Ready yourself; here come the proud-mama clichés: So big, so fast! So young still, but so smart! It seems like just yesterday we were brand-new on air and just a wee blog online. As much as maturing, we’re still by Food People for Food People.

Remember that first blog post? Okay, you prolly don’t (again that parental pride). Anyhow, as we launched, Cooking Channel General Manager Michael Smith touted our game plan: “Together we’re going to find more ways to explore food and cooking, including the unconventional, how-to, global cuisines, wines and spirits, international travel, history and hidden gems, and even some classic favorites.” Over a couple dozen months we’ve been spinning the globe and peeking and poking and pondering and powering our way from cook to cook, cuisine by cuisine, city by city. We’re becoming the food destination to watch, finding what to eat and drink here on our site, on Facebook, on Twitter and on Pinterest and discovering the best of what to watch, whether it’s on television or with fun (and funny) original series here on our site—Trend Alert, anyone? Fodder for thought…

Stay tuned for even more hot shows this summer.

It’s so sweet of you to come to our party! Dip into something sweet. On the menu? First, look to the classic. Slice into the must-haveness of Alex G’s Simple Birthday Cake, studded with chocolate chips and swooning with swoopy marshmallow icing. One of our favorite Food People, Zoe Francois, whipped up a nostalgic peanut-butter and chocolate wafer icebox cake that’d put that Carvel cake you were thinking of buying to shame. (We are good at impress-your-guests with ease!) For you grown-ups looking for buzzy recipes, Nadia G’s pouring a remixed champagne kir, spiked with vodka and spiced with chiles and peppercorns (hot, indeed, Ms. Maxim Top 100).

Have a slice of our birthday cake, courtesy Zoe Francois.

Grab a fork, raise your glass and dive into our birthday weekend, then tell us what you expect in the kitchen, at the grill and on the road from Cooking Channel. Ching, Baron Ambrosia, G. Garvin, Roger and Eden–and so many of your favorites–are ready to serve you a bigger-than-ever slice of fun.

Happy 2nd Birthday, Cooking Channel!