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Cookbook Giveaway: The Lodge Cast Iron Cookbook

Use fresh summer peaches to make this Peach Crumb Coffee Cake from The Lodge Cast Iron Cookbook.

A simple cast-iron skillet is one of my favorite kitchen tools, mainly because it can be used with very high heat and retains that heat so amazingly. It’s ideal for searing steaks (one of Alton’s favorite uses) and baking cornbread.

I’m always on the lookout for new ways to put this pan to work, and The Lodge Cast Iron Cookbook doesn’t disappoint. It includes recipes for, yes, cornbread, but also soups and stews, main dishes, side dishes and desserts, with a whole chapter devoted to outdoor cooking. Whether you’re cooking over a campfire or having a backyard barbecue, nothing sets the “rustic cookout” mood better than a summery side dish or dessert served in cast iron.

Get cooking with these recipes from The Lodge Cast Iron Cookbook:
Fresh Peach Crumb Coffee Cake
Summer Squash Casserole
Roasted Corn Pudding

Summer Squash Casserole is a sure crowd-pleaser for any cookout.

We’re giving away one  copy of The Lodge Cast Iron Cookbook to one lucky winner. All you have to do to enter is leave a comment telling us your favorite dish to cook in cast iron.

So, tell us, what’s your favorite dish to cook in cast iron?

You must include your email address in the “Email” field when submitting your comment so we can communicate back with you if you’re the winner. (But do not post your email address into the actual body of the comment.) We’re giving one copy away to one very lucky, randomly selected commenter.

You may only comment once to be considered, and you don’t have to purchase anything to win; a purchase will not increase your chances of winning. Odds depend on total number of entries. Void where prohibited. Only open to legal residents of the 50 U.S. states, D.C. or Puerto Rico, and you must be at least 18 years of age to win. All entries (comments) must be entered between 5:30 p.m. ET on May 31 and 5:00 p.m. ET on June 5. Subject to full Official Rules. By leaving a comment on the blog, you acknowledge your acceptance to the Official Rules. ARV of prize: $24.95. Sponsor: Scripps Networks, LLC, d/b/a/ Cooking Channel, 75 9th Ave., New York, NY 10011.


Comments (1168)

  1. Terry posted 06/05/2012

    Seafood gumbo over white rice is awesome!

  2. Wanda posted 06/06/2012

    I always take my cast iron skillett and dutch oven camping…love making biscuits in the dutch oven! I also make a mountain man breakfast that rocks!

  3. kathy posted 06/06/2012

    I own several cast iron pans. One was a wedding present. We are now married 25 years. You can say that the pans are well seasoned. The best thing that I like to make in my cast iron pans are fried onions. No other pan can make thembetter. I also make fired eggs in the morning for breakfast.
    y favorite dish is one called orange onion chops. The chops are smothered in fried onions with a tad bit of orange juice. I also have some cast iron pans in my pop-up camper. I would be lost without them.

  4. Melinda posted 06/06/2012

    Skillet pound cake – you get the best crusty edges ever when you bake pound cake in a cast iron skillet.
    Of cast iron skillets are miracles for food.

  5. margoisqueen posted 06/06/2012

    I love making potatoes with onions, bacon and cheddar cheese ocer a fire. The potatoes get a little crispy around the edges and the cheese and bacon are always good. Yum!

  6. Personal Branding posted 06/07/2012

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  7. Jimmy Headstream posted 06/07/2012

    Do I have to pic only one :-( Cornbread!

  8. Diane posted 06/09/2012

    I make the best Irish Soda bread in my cast iron frypay. I use my cast iron pan alot. Love them

  9. Debbie posted 06/16/2012

    Fried potatoes with garlic and onions are my favorite. Love that crispy skin all nice and salty.

  10. Ron W. posted 06/16/2012

    My old dutch oven has seen 40 years of custard bread pudding every chance I get.

  11. Jo Carol Pratt posted 06/19/2012

    I can't imagine a kitchen without cast iron skillets. It's just inconceivable!

  12. mitzi posted 06/20/2012

    I have won the dutch oven cooking contest at boyscout camp with my blackberry dumplings. But if I can do what I want then I prefer my grouse with rice stuffing.

  13. Julie M posted 06/25/2012

    I love to make homemade pan pizza in my cast iron pan, but honestly I use it more then any other pan I have it's so versatile.

  14. Lianne S posted 06/30/2012

    Without a doubt blackened fish caught fresh that day in the Gulf of Mexico !!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Michele F posted 06/30/2012

    chili stuffed cornbread

  16. Tom posted 07/01/2012

    Corned beef hash

  17. Milton Fortner posted 07/01/2012

    My very own potato casserole.

  18. Bob Willard posted 07/01/2012

    Mexican cornbread with jalepenos, cheese and corn, with small diced red peppers thrown in.. !!!

  19. Barbara posted 07/01/2012

    Fried chicken!

  20. Shannon posted 07/01/2012

    Jambalaya is my favorite!!!

  21. Phyllis Harris posted 07/14/2012

    Cornbread and Fried chicken

  22. Debbie L posted 07/30/2012

    I love the Dutch Baby.

  23. Pat50kam posted 08/06/2012

    My grandmothers cast iron fry pan, is the only thing my family will bake cornbread in. We fortunately live close enough to share it as none of the other cast iron we own seems to give us the wonderful taste and texture as the pan owned by a southern lady we all loved so very much.

  24. Beverly posted 08/07/2012

    My favorite thing to cook in cast iron is "Fried Green Tomatoes". They are sooo delicious fried in cornmeal and flour and Old Bay seasoning in a little bacon grease! WOW!

  25. Celestailpetals posted 08/25/2012

    Cornbread. *Enter ^ . ^

  26. lee posted 08/25/2012


  27. Mary Grace Kiley posted 08/25/2012

    Fresh Tuna cooked in butter w/Blackened Spice…..Da Bomb!!

  28. Shelby posted 08/25/2012

    baked cornbread

  29. Kathy Johnson posted 08/26/2012

    corn bread casserole

  30. Lenette posted 09/14/2012

    I would love to have new recipe!!!!!

  31. Pam W posted 09/14/2012

    toss up between cornbread and fried chicken.

  32. Esther posted 09/14/2012

    We love Mexican Spoon Bread. Corn meal with milk, oil, chedder cheese, jalapenos and you can even add cooked crumbled chorizo if you like.

  33. Johnny R posted 09/15/2012

    Nothing better than cornbread made in a cast iron skillet

  34. william wilemon posted 09/18/2012

    fried chicken and cornbread

  35. rmccombs posted 09/18/2012

    Slow Cooked 5 Alarm Chili! or flapjacks over a campfire.

  36. Warren posted 09/30/2012

    What isn't a reason for having Lodge Cast Iron Ware to cook your food in?? From my cobblers on an open pit to using one of my frying pans on my gas grill cooking a Ricotta Chicken during hurricane Charlie. Or pounding out a chicken breast for a pan fry with sauteeing some asparagus. The cookwear is fantastic. Can't have enough of the Iron Ware.

  37. celia posted 09/30/2012

    crusty corn bread. cast iron is only way to get that crust. would like to learn to make potato latkes in cast iron skillet or griddle

  38. Ryan posted 10/01/2012

    eggs and bacon !

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