Celebrate National Doughnut Day With a Fonut

Olive Oil Rosemary Fonut Recipe

Meet the "fonut," the doughnut's sexy, sophisticated cousin.

Today, as the nation pays homage to doughnuts, we’re celebrating National Doughnut Day with something slightly more unique: fonuts!

Fonuts are baked, not fried – but just as delicious as their doughy cousins. These sweet confections are vegan, gluten-free – oh, and unbelievably addictive.

The Rosemary Olive Oil Fonuts (pictured above) come from Fonuts in LA. That “powdered sugar” topping is actually pulverized olive oil. (That’s why it’s a Unique Sweet). Or, for all the lemon lovers out there, give our Lemon Fonuts a try.

Want more? Find out how Fonuts are made here.

Lemon Fonut Recipe

Tart and delicious Lemon Fonuts

But don’t get us wrong – We love DOUGHNUTS, too:

Plus, try out our Doughnut-Inspired Cocktails:

Whether you celebrate with fonuts, doughnuts, or doughnut-inspired cocktails — Happy National Doughnut Day from Cooking Channel!