Father’s Day Gift Ideas

This Father's Day, skip the polo shirt and treat Dad to kitchen gadgets he can use to grill up his favorite steak recipe.

The quickest way to Dad’s heart is, of course, through his stomach. And the quickest way to his stomach is gadgets that make cooking easier. If you’ve gotten your dad too many polo shirts (Hi, Dad, I’m sorry!) or you suspect he hasn’t used the mani-pedi gift card you got him last year, we have a solution! Below, find our top picks for must-have kitchen gadgets that every geeky dad can get excited about.

Bonus: He’ll be obligated to make you a meal using them.

1. Meat Thermometer

Not only does this barbecue thermometer withstand the hellfire of a grill interior, but it will alert Pop via remote control when his dinner’s done. Biological fact: Dads love steaks and remote controlled stuff.

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2. Knife Sharpener

Chances are, your dad has a drawer full of knives and not one knife that he likes. Give him the gift of unlimited razor-sharp edges with an electric knife genie. Words of advice: Don’t say things like “OMG, knife makeover time!” when he goes to use this. Also, if your dad is the “stabby” type, maybe get him something else? Or nothing at all?

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3. Bacon Cooker

Can you blame your dad because, after raising you, he has no patience left in his soul? Let him get bacon into his face faster with this neat little microwave bacon cooker. He can kiss “waiting” goodbye and get crisp bacon in a matter of minutes, then toss the whole thing into the dishwasher because why should he have to hand wash dishes when he’s worked too hard his whole life because money doesn’t grow on trees? Are you listening to me, Kiddo?

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4. Barbecue Cookbook

Dads know everything! And what they don’t know, they look up really quick while you are blinking and then you never know they didn’t know! If your dad loves grilling but could use some pointers on spices, temperatures and techniques, have Mr. Bobby Flay step in with some tips! Then promise your dad that he is handsomer than Bobby Flay. Dads like that.

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5. Slow Cooker

Dads are busy and thus, slow cookers are awesome. Give Pop a chance to put his feet up while this slow cooker — easily programmable by any gadget-loving dad — does the work of making a big huge pot roast or a stew or any other meat-heavy dad favorite. Then invite yourself over for dinner. And bring your laundry.

But it here.

6. Cast-Iron Cookware + Cast-Iron Cookbook

Alie’s dad is obsessed with his Lodge cast-iron skillet. It’s adorable. And what’s not to love? These heavy-duty skillets are sold pre-seasoned, give any meat a nice even sear and can be shoved in the oven. And they’ll be in the family for generations. Pair one with the cast-iron cookbook from Lodge and your pop will be busy whipping up cowboy classics that make John Wayne seem like a sissy.

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7. Monogrammed Barbecue Branding Iron

Why should ranchers have all the fun? Next time you need a gift for Dad, order him this monogrammed branding iron and watch his neighbors seethe with jealousy as he sizzles his mark onto a big prime rib. It’s kind of like graffiti tagging, only it’s not illegal and you can eat the stuff he tags!

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8. Mini Deep Fryer

The name says it all: Fry Daddy. What man doesn’t stare down in wonder and hunger a cauldron of bubbling oil? Pop can make steak fries, onion rings, hushpuppies, deep-fried Snickers — whatever his (hopefully healthy) heart desires!

Buy it here.

9. Vehicular Cookie Cutters

Put your dad in an apron and announce it’s cookie o’clock. No man can resist the thrill of making tiny helicopter and tractor cookies, and if you asked your dad which of the car cookies you’ve just baked would theoretically get the best fuel economy, he would probably have an opinion. And that’s why we love him.

Buy it here.

10. Exotic Meats Club

We’re divided on this gift. Alie is intrigued and Georgia is repulsed. But if your dad has grilled every meat that the local grocer has to offer, step up his game (meats) with this exotic meat club. Yep — Kangaroo, turtle and iguana meat can be at your dad’s fingertips with a few clicks. Is that cool or gross? Well, if your dad isn’t into it, send the leftovers to Alie’s house. Maybe.

Buy it here.

What are you getting your dad for Father’s Day this year?

Alie Ward and Georgia Hardstark are best friends who met outside a tragically hip dive bar in Los Angeles. Together, they created the cocktail abomination called the McNuggetini. You can find them on Cooking Channel stirring up Drinks with Alie and Georgia, getting schooled on Classy Ladies and devouring desserts for Unique Sweets. Find out more about them here.