McDonald’s Uncovers Mysteries of Sauce, Advertising and Nugget Shapes

McDonald's Quarter Pounder

The McDonald’s Corporation in Canada has set up a website where its Canadian fans (or adversaries) can submit questions — like “do you use pink slime in your meat?” or “are your fries made out of plastic?” — and receive answers directly from the company. When Toronto’s Isabel M. sought out the reasons why a Quarter Pounder with Cheese pictured in advertisements doesn’t aesthetically compare to any burger she’s ever eaten at one of the restaurants [see photo], the Director of Marketing responded on YouTube (A: hours of food styling).

Turns out (to some diners’ relief) the fries are made from whole Russet Burbank and Shepody potatoes and the burgers are 100% beef. If you’re curious about the various Canadian nugget shapes (ball, bow-tie, bell and boot), what’s in the Big Mac sauce, or any other McDonald’s mystery, you can browse the (granted somewhat corporately spun) responses here. If one of your questions is “how can I make a McDonald’s Caramel Frappe right now!?” then we suggest you visit