5 Ways to Drink Tequila (Beyond the Margarita)

Here at Cooking Channel, we love us some tequila. Not just because this blue-agave-born liquor is the star of the margarita — arguably our favorite cocktail — but because the sweet, woodsy or smoky spirit (depending on distillery and age) adds its fire to pretty much any mixed drink. This National Tequila Day, salt your margarita glass rims for a different sort of sipper (it’s the Mexican vessel of choice for any tequila-based beverage).

5 Ways to Get Your Tequila On:

1. Follow Chuck’s lead and turn those lemons into a minty-fresh spiked lemonade (shown above).

2. Mix up a two-tone sangria with a pineapple-tequila base and a red wine topper.

This sangria's twice as nice (though you may not think so tomorrow)

3. Make it meaty, a la our resident Classy Ladies: Infuse with jerky flavor and serve in a spicy-savory tomato cocktail.

You'll have no beef with this savory concoction.

4. Sweeten the deal by blending a caramel-vanilla-tequila milkshake (trust us).

Because in Texas, even dessert has liquor.

5. Let it sparkle by mixing with Champagne in this fruit-filled ponche.

This bubbly mixture packs a ponche.

And if all else fails? Just ready your salt and lime wedges — it’s only National Tequila Day once a year, after all.

Better have some food with all that tequila: