Let’s Have a Kiki with Cooking Channel

Let's Have a Kiki - The Scissor Sisters

Let Cooking Channel help you throw a Kiki to remember.

Some of you undoubtedly have heard the Scissor Sisters‘ viral dance anthem, “Let’s Have a Kiki.” The song chronicles a girl’s night out gone terribly wrong – torrential rain, no cabs, and to top it all off — police busting up the party. Frizzy hair, runny mascara, having to take the subway, and the NYPD: What could be worse? The only thing that could save this night is a Kiki: the ultimate after party.

We love (a can’t-stop-playing kind of love) this song.  So after endless repeats, we decided to riff off of our Party in Five series and see what it would take to throw the Kiki of our (wildest) dreams.

Party in Five: Let’s Throw a Kiki 

1. Your Best Heels
“Put on your heels” because even the cutest sneaks or flip-flops just won’t cut it at this Kiki.

Let's Have a Kiki High Heels

Jaw-dropping pumps are a Kiki-must.

2. Smoke Machine
“Fire up the smoke machine” to make things dramatic — and obscure everyone’s vision.

Let's Have a Kiki Smoke Machine

This smoke machine blows smoke-filled bubbles: Looks like a Kiki conversation-starter to us.

3. Pickles
If you don’t have a friend named Pickles with a sexy rasp in his voice, we say improvise.

Get the Recipe: Kelsey’s Quick Pickles (perfect for the party-planner in a rush)

Quick pickes

Lock the door and lower the blinds, because these pickles are delicious.

4. Lock
“Lock the doors. Tight.” Because only select favorites are VIP at our Kiki. We suggest you follow suit.

Let's Have a Kiki Lock Image

A trusty lock is essential to keep party-crashers out of your Kiki.

5. Cocktails
Here’s where we really shine. We’ve got wonderful cocktails to keep your Kiki maaarvelous.

Icebreaker Mojitos
If the smoke-bubble machine don’t break the ice, this will relieve your social anxiety.

Chuck Hughes' Icebreaker Mojito Recipe

The Peter Piper Cocktail
Pickle brine makes this the perfect Kiki-tini.

The Peter Piper Cocktail Recipe

Tropical Kamikaze Shooter
This lethal shot is the perfect Kiki-kickoff.

Tropical Kamikaze Shooter

Sex on the Beach
Because no Kiki would be complete without this lusty, liquor-laden sip.

Sex on the Beach Recipe

Lavender Margarita
The intoxicating aroma of lavender is sure to get you in the Kiki mood.

Lavender Margarita Recipe

More to Make Your Kiki Marvelous: