Olympics 2012: Opening Ceremony Party Menu


Olympic Games Opening Night Ceremony Menu

Cooking Channel has the globally-inspired menu to kick the Olympics off right.

As the Opening Night Ceremony of the Summer 2012 Olympic Games approaches, I’m looking forward to the international spectacle with increasing enthusiasm. Allegedly, this little shindig to celebrate the cultures of the world will cost roughly $42,000,000. (In case you’re wondering like we were, that’s enough to buy approximately 168 million Twinkies.) As athletes from countries all over the globe prepare to walk one-by-one into the Olympic Arena, we are reminded that:

1. The Australian Swim Team members are simply too good-looking to all live on that island together.

2. Our geography skills are poor if not abysmal: Spelling Kyrgyzstan correctly is close to impossible, never mind finding it on the map.

3. There are hundreds of countries competing AND THIS CEREMONY WILL LAST FOREVER.

We know, we know: The Opening Ceremony is a beautiful celebration of the cultures of the world. But let’s be real: Despite the cost of this ceremony, without a killer spread of diverse dishes, you’ll be bored to tears before the athletes from the countries that start with the letter “C” enter the arena. Cooking Channel has you covered with a tantalizing globally-inspired Opening Ceremony Party Menu:

North America

Buffalo Wings Recipe

Support Team U.S.A. and start with Kelsey’s fiery Buffalo Wings.
Get the Recipe: Kelsey’s Buffalo Wings with Blue Cheese Dipping Sauce


West African Peanut Soup

This Senegalese dish combines African staples peanuts and yams. Full of antioxidants, perhaps it will help you drop your mile time.
Get the Recipe: West African Peanut Soup With Chicken


Fish and Chips with Mushy Peas

Any Olympics spread this summer without fish and chips is a crime. Anyone who say otherwise isn’t to be trusted.
Get the Recipe: Fish and Chips with Mushy Peas


Spicy Soy Ribs

Ching’s Chinese-style Spicy Soy Ribs are the perfect TV-watching finger food.
Get the Recipe: Ching’s Spicy Soy Ribs Recipe


Lamb Racks

Slice Aussie Bill Granger‘s lamb into chops for perfect party food.
Get the Recipe: Lamb Racks with Bread Crumbs, Parsley and Lemon

South America

Dulce De Leche Cookies

End on a sweet note with these alfajores, traditional dulce de leche-filled cookies.
Get the Recipe: Dulce De Leche Cookie Sanwiches (Alfajores)

Antarctica (?)

Frozen Mojito Slushy

To be authentic, you could suck on an ice cube? We say just call it a day and have a frozen cocktail or three.
Get the Recipe: Our Best Frosty Cocktails

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