What Julia Child Would Drink on Her Birthday

Julia Child, French chef extraordinaire and matriarch of food television, would have turned 100 years old today. Any fan of Child knows that her first dish in Paris was Sole Meuniere, her favorite comfort food was red meat, and that pan-roasted duck was on her list of “last meal” musts, but do you know what alcohol she liked to sip after a long day at the stove?

Below are two Julia-approved libations so that you can celebrate the way Julia would have done herself, and a special cocktail of our own that we think the eccentric darling of the food world would appreciate. Go ahead — fix your inner Child a drink.

Upside-down Martini

This twist on a martini is heavy on the vermouth and light on the everything else. We like Miss Child’s style.

5 parts dry vermouth (Julia liked Noilly Prat)
1 part gin (we like Beefeater)
lemon twist

In a white wine glass filled with ice (or not, your call) stir together the gin and vermouth. Garnish with a twist of lemon and toast to something fancy.


This classic and refreshingly light libation won’t set you back on calories or inebriation…unless, that is, you add a splash of gin. Go ahead, Julia would.

6 oz Perrier Sparkling Water
dash Angostura Bitters
lime slice

In a classy glass full of ice (no red plastic cups here, people) pour in Perrier and top with a dash of Angostura Bitters and a slice of lime. Sip with your pinky out and speak with a French accent.


Alongside red meat, gin was at the top of Child’s favorite comfort foods. Obviously the lady knew how to party. In that spirit, and because there’s pretty much nobody we’d rather share a cocktail with, we’d like to officially dedicate our You Can’t Beat A Gin-ger Fizz cocktail to her in honor of her 100th birthday.