Ask a Question to Eden of Eden Eats

Eden Eats

Head over to our Facebook page now and post a question for Eden Grinshpan of Eden Eats.

Eden has already uncovered the hidden global food scene in Nashville and Tampa. Tomorrow night at 10pm ET on Cooking Channel, she will spend 24 hours in the diverse desert city of Phoenix to taste her way around the world and meet the people who have recreated their culture through food.

Now is your chance to have your Eden Eats questions answered on this blog. Want to know what her favorite cuisine is, whether or not she’s been to your favorite international restaurant or anything else about her or the show? Head over to our Facebook page before Wednesday, September 5th at 3PM. Post a question in our “Ask Eden of Eden Eats a Question” wall post and she may answer it in an upcoming Devour post.

Check out a preview of Eden’s world tour of Phoenix here before the episode premieres Friday night at 10pm ET on Cooking Channel.