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Archive for August, 2012

Dinner Rush: Summer Farmer’s Market Pasta

Get the recipe for a next-to-no-cook pasta dinner loaded with farmers’ market tomatoes, crabmeat, corn and basil.

Meatless Monday: Swiss Chard au Gratin French Bread Pizzas

Upgrade French bread pizza, the nostalgic cafeteria food of our youth, by adding cheesy grown-up sounding greens.

Get Laura Calder’s Apres-Ski Menu

Laura Calder exposes the delicious apres-ski foods that can only be found in the Alps.

Cookbook Giveaway: Vintage Cakes

Flipping through Julie Richardson’s new cookbook, Vintage Cakes, brings me back to my grandmother’s flour-dusted, sweet-smelling kitchen. Grandma made a cake from scratch for every birthday, and their moist layers and buttercream never disappointed — even when I turned seven and all I wanted was the Little Mermaid cake I spotted at the grocery store. […]

Happy National Waffle Day

Today is National Waffle Day, and what better way to celebrate than firing up the ol’ iron, getting out the syrup and serving up a plate full of the breakfast favorite? And even though the breakfast hour has long passed, you can still join in the fun at dinnertime. Breakfast for dinner is our favorite […]

Your Favorite Sandwich Revealed

We asked our readers to choose their favorite sandwich on our Pinterest page. Find out which sandwiches came out on top.

Thirsty Thursday: Grape Expectations

Classy Ladies’ Alie and Georgia will send you on a sugar high with their Grape Expectations Cocktail.

Louisiana Love: Enter to Win The Lucky One on Blu-ray

What’s better than Zac Efron and Taylor Schilling sharing a moment in the kitchen? Easy: Zac Efron and Taylor Schilling sharing a moment in the kitchen over jambalaya. In Warner Brothers‘ spring 2012 blockbuster “The Lucky One,” U.S. Marine Sergeant Logan Thibault (Efron) returns from his third tour of duty in Iraq, with the one […]

What Is a Mop Sauce?

While glazing with barbecue sauce in the last few minutes adds fast flavor, mop sauces are best for flavoring tough meats you’re going to be cooking for long periods of time. Thinner than barbecue sauces, mop sauces are typically made from beer, vinegar or apple cider, and are basted onto the meat every 20 minutes […]

Hump Day Snack: The iPhone 5 Gets Redesigned for Foodies

Comedic tweeter/writer/viral hit maker Adam Sacks has improved YouTube with a new video spoofing the iPhone and the legions of food lovers who use it solely to photograph their meals.