The True Blood Cookbook: Southern Bites From Bon Temps

After an epic season finale, what’s a True Blood fan to do for next 10 months until the Season 6 premiere? While you watch reruns and catch up on the DVR’ed episodes you missed, why not get a bit campy and invite friends over for a feast of recipes from the newly released True Blood cookbook?

The Merlotte’s Bar and Grill table of contents is filled with “Drinks to Die For,” “Home Cookin’,” and even a “Maenad Feast.” Creator Alan Ball grew up in the south and much of the show does really revolve around food; from a slice of pie in Sookie’s kitchen to one of Lafayette’s creations at Merlotte’s. So in between oggling pictures of Bill, Eric or whichever supe gets your attention, you can make this classic southern menu fit for the inhabitants on Bon Temps.

True Blood Dinner Party Menu:

Sweet on Jason Stackhouse? (Who isn’t?) Sip his version of the staple southern beverage — Sweet Tea — and imagine yourself sitting on Sookie’s porch on a hot summer day. If black tea doesn’t suit you, try a vamp-inspired red sweet tea made with the berry-flavored Red Zinger.

In between battling fairy-blood-thirsty vampers and trying to learn more about Warlow, Sookie whips up her simple Fried Chicken recipe, which has a nice kick with sweet paprika and cayenne pepper. (True Blood‘s nothing if not spicy.)

Nothing picks up a party like a lemony cake topped with fluffy frosting and a glaze full of fresh berries — even when it’s given to you by a maenad. Try Tara’s recipe for her Totally Surprised Birthday Cake — but don’t be shocked if your eyes go black with pleasure.

We want to know: Which True Blood character do you want to share a bite with?